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Pepperbox, or Pandora’s Box? The Pepperbox Cigar Review.

I like unique and unusual cigars, and I was really intrigued by the design of the Pepperbox. My curiosity caused me to ante up $65 for a box of ten (they’re not sold in singles).

The Pepperbox is crafted by Plasencia for J-R Cigar, as a follow up to the Shock and Awe. It’s named after a civil war era pistol that was comprised of multiple revolving barrels that shared a center axis. Plasencia groups four small cigars (4 x 32) in one Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, resulting in an approximately 4 x 60 square box-pressed cigar.

Pepperbox Cigar

The binder is Central American, and the fillers come from Mexico and Honduras. There does appear to be a slight color difference between the small cigars contained within, which would suggest that each may be a unique blend. The cigar is well made and was beautiful in appearance. The Pepperbox had a deep, sweet, fragrant tobacco smell that wafted up from the freshly opened box, and the draw on the unlit cigar was equally pleasant and evoked a certain sun-dried quality like a fresh bale of hay in the summer.

The Pepperbox was easy to light and didn’t require many touch-ups as it progressed. The ash was firm, square, and well formed. The first ten minutes of the Pepperbox is miserable at best. The initial flavors fight each other, there’s no resonance or harmony, and the 4-in-1 cigar concept is truly at its worst.

Pepperbox Cigar

Imagine randomly picking four cigars, blindfolded, from an unfamiliar humidor and smoking them at the same time- you get the idea. There was nothing recognizable or unique in this, just lots and lots of unhappiness. To draw smoke through the cigar requires work, and there’s no great reward for the effort, only thin, anemic clouds.

About an inch into the Pepperbox, it begins to settle down some, giving a more singular note. If you’ve ever toasted nuts in the oven and let them go just a little too long, the Pepperbox will instantly transport you back to that moment. Still very hard to draw, and truly unpleasant.

The Pepperbox finishes much as it started, confused and muddled, leaving the operator to contemplate better names for this concoction. A reasonable suggestion might be the “Gang Bang”. Think of waking up Saturday at noon, missing a sock, your underwear on backwards, and a crumpled Rohypnol foil package laying on the kitchen counter… you can’t really say for sure who you were with, there may have been four of them, you only know for certain that your lips are tired and you got screwed.

Written for iROBUSTO by LongGone