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Cigar Review | Padilla Finest Hour Maduro

“…Padilla told me The Finest Hour is just that. Each cigar is a celebration and for those of us who love cigars, it is in fact our finest hour when we smoke.” -Brian, Privada Cigar Club

This week’s offering is a cigar that was featured in my monthly Privada Cigar Club box. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present The Finest Hour Maduro from Ernesto Padilla. I like to consider myself an adventurer and hunter when it comes to cigars. Therefore, I knew Privada was the perfect fit for me. The cigars are already well aged for the most part. Also, the cigars are rare, hard to find or club exclusives that only the members can get a hold of. And, the price is RIGHT!!!

This cigar is adorned with a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro Oscuro wrapper with fully aged Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers. Let’s get into it.

Pre Light Inspection

As mentioned, The Finest Hour has a deep dark brown colored wrapper with a rustic appeal to it. The seams are very noticeable and there are tiny veins all over. Funny to me, was the weirdly oblong and lumpy cap on this cigar. I’m pretty sure it probably just this stick.

On the wrapper, I got aromas of wood, soil and ink. The foot smells of powdered chocolate, roasted coffee, earth, toast and mineral. I got almost nothing on the cold draw but dry hay. The cigar is firm with a slight bounce.

First Third | Let’s Smoke

The cigar lit very easily. It started with a dry woody and minerally anchor with black pepper and a subtle raisin and ink flavor that I detected in the cold draw. As I get into it, there’s a barely sweet tobacco parallel to that pencil shaving mineral flavor that I usually can’t stand. Right now it is tolerable but, we shall see. Billowing smoke is present from both the foot and head of the cigar after each puff. Cocoa powder and roast coffee are present in the retrohale. Also, there is that slight fruity molasses in the nose.

Technically, these flavors would be a hit in any cigar. However, the not so super enjoyable pencil and dry wood flavors are running the show. The raisin, molasses, cocoa and coffee nuances are not yet at an impressive level.

Second Third | The Finest Third

“My god, the dead has arisen!” Rich meaty earth and that dried fruit have taken over and I couldn’t be happier. the molasses is also creeping around, leading me to believe that The Finest Hour translates to “Second Third” in Padillan. LOL. I’ve got a substantial but enjoyable white and red pepper zing dominating my olfactory zone. Meanwhile, there’s a very very light brown sugar on the finish but a more prominent black pepper and cinnamon lingering on the tongue after each hit. This is certainly the Finest Third!

Final Third | Sigh!

I really thought we were headed to bliss but we’ve actually reverted back to the first third. No matter how hard I try, the cigar is either burning too hot or dying out. As a result, I’m puffing excessively causing the already lack luster flavors to be accompanied by bitterness and tongue bite. I think its fair to add that this might not be an issue in another sample. That goes for any cigar when you have issues with the burn or draw. With that being said, I would certainly try this cigar again.

Well family, we know they can’t all be tear da roof off experiences when it comes to cigar smoking. The experience is always worth it though. I can guarantee to you many of my fellow Privada Cigar Club Brothers and Sisters fell in love with this cigar. That’s the beauty of diversity and cigars. And, I appreciate hearing about others experiences, good and bad.

I recommend any of you guys that share that cigar bounty hunter spirit to look into joining this monthly cigar club. Brian is very accessible and he grinds hard for the club, hunting and tracking down gems and exclusive collaborations.

I appreciate you guys stopping by and taking the time to share this experience with me. Please don’t hesitate to leave comments, thoughts and opinions. Also, feel free to share with friends, family and all of our FOTL!!