Cigar Review | Jas Sum Kral Rudy’s Exclusive 2019

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I check out the Jas Sum Kral Rudy’s Exclusive for 2019. This cigar is a limited extension to the original Zlatno Sonce blend, and it comes in the same size as the previous JSK Rudy’s Exclusive – a box pressed 6 ½ x 42. The cigar retail for $13 and comes packed in boxes of 10. Production is limited to 100 boxes and sold only at Rudy’s Shop in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Jas Sum Kral Rudy's Exclusive 2019


The blend on the Rudy’s Exclusive 2019 features an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, but the tobaccos within remain a mystery. Riste Ristevski, owner of the company, has acknowledged the presence of ligero and corojo, but no other details have been released.

Jas Sum Kral Rudy's Exclusive 2019

First Third

Twenty-five minutes in, the first third closes out. On the draw, I pick up spicy white pepper with nutty cedar and leather. Through the nose, peanuts blend with spicy cedar. The finish offers up earthy hay on top of spicy honey and white pepper. Strength and body settle in at medium-to-full.

Jas Sum Kral Rudy's Exclusive 2019

Second Third

The second third finishes around one hour. I find citrus notes complemented by nutmeg and leather. On the retro-hale, flavors remain consistent with the addition of toast. The finish displays damp earth and white pepper. There is no change to strength or body.

Jas Sum Kral Rudy's Exclusive 2019

Last Third

An hour and a half into the cigar, the final third rolls to a stop. There is more citrus and nutmeg dominating the draw. Through the nose, sweet toast pairs well with white pepper. On the finish, I pick up bitter earth with more white pepper and a subtle hint of caramel. Strength and body finish out at medium-to-full.

Jas Sum Kral Rudy's Exclusive 2019

Final Thoughts

The Jas Sum Kral Rudy’s Exclusive 2019 is a good cigar. It’s reminiscent of the original Zlatno Sonce with that signature punch the original powerhouse Connecticut delivered so well. Flavors are enjoyable with solid complexity keeping it interesting, and presentation is beautiful.

My only complaint about this cigar would be the snug draw. Throughout, I had to pull the smoke harder than I personally prefer. I’ve smoked almost a box of these with varying levels of draw resistance, so it seems some of these may have simply been rolled a little tight. However, the draw issue is minor enough to be tolerable, and it’s a tasty cigar I’d recommend trying if you can find it.  

Smoke on!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)