Cigar Review | RoMa Craft Baka Bantu

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I check out one of the newest cigars from RoMa Craft Tobac. The RoMa Craft Baka has stirred up quite a buzz in the cigar community, and the first release flew off shelves like hotcakes.

RoMa Craft Baka Bantu

The initial allotment for retailers was limited to a single vitola, a 4 x 52 parejo dubbed Bantu. It retails for $9.95. Most retailers only received a few boxes to start, but additional sizes will be added in limited quantities.

RoMa Craft Baka Bantu

First Third

Fifteen minutes in, I finish the first third. The draw offers me cinnamon and leather with notes of earth. Through the nose, I find light caramel melting with brown sugar and graham cracker. Ginger, nutmeg, and leather create a memorable finish. Both strength and body settle in at a steady medium.

RoMa Craft Baka Bantu

Second Third

The second third ends around a half hour. I pick up light leather and more cinnamon on the draw. The retro-hale hits me with a delicious blend of brown sugar and sweet pastry flavors with a slight spice. Black pepper combines with more ginger and sweet walnut notes on the finish. There is no change to strength or body.

RoMa Craft Baka Bantu

Final Third

Forty-five minutes passes, and the final third wisps away. On the draw, salty leather and coffee take the stage. Through the nose, nougat, light cocoa, and baking spice are delightful. Nutmeg, clove, and fleeting ginger round out the finish. Strength and body finish out at medium.

Final Thoughts

The RoMa Craft Baka Bantu is a delicious little dessert cigar. It tends to start out a bit rough with the first few puffs, but once this cigar opens up, it’s a real treat. There’s a significant amount of complexity with flavors that blend well together, and construction is spot on. Strength is a bit toned down from most RoMa Craft cigars, but it’s still got enough oomph.

My only beef with this cigar is how short it is – not really a beef. I’m sure the limited size release was an intentional marketing strategy from some of the best teasers in the game. RoMa Craft sure knows how to create hype, and you can count me in as someone drooling for the larger vitolas. I highly recommend the Baka, and you better act fast if you want to find some to try. This will be a contender for my Top 25 Cigars of 2019!

Smoke on!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

Cigar Review | Foundation The Tabernacle Havana Seed CT #142 Toro

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I check out Foundation Cigar Company’s newest offering. The Tabernacle Havana Seed CT #142 is a follow up to the original Tabernacle release. For this review, I smoke the Toro. This 6 x 52 parejo retails for $11.50. It features a Connecticut Havana Seed CT #142 wrapper concealing a Mexican San Andres binder and fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras.

It should be noted this stick is one of the most perfectly rolled cigars I’ve seen in quite a long time. The silky smooth wrapper produces chocolate and leather while I smell rich tobacco. The cold draw gives me a hint of raisin flavor.

Once lit, there’s an oily earth which I can best describe as olive oil mixed with dirt. Through the nose, I find sweet cocoa and marshmallow. The finish hits me with leather and subtle black pepper.

Thirty minutes in, the first third closes out. On the draw, cocoa blends with black pepper and leather. Through the nose, there is an exceptionally delicious combo of sweet cocoa and marshmallow almost like a hot chocolate. The finish offers black pepper and leather alongside earth. Both strength and body settle in at medium.

One hour passes, and I see the second third wisp away. There’s more cocoa and black pepper on the tongue with the addition of graham cracker. The retro-hale continues to delight with a transition to more of a Snicker’s bar flavor with nougat, cocoa, and nuttiness. The finish gives me a blend of spicy black pepper, cedar, and black licorice. Strength and body both bump up slightly to medium-to-full.

One hour and forty-five minutes in, the final third finishes. I pick up some cocoa, espresso, and leather on the draw. Through the nose, there is another transition with flavors of cocoa, black pepper, and cinnamon. The finish ramps up with bold black pepper, black licorice, and orange peel. This third brought strength and body to a hefty full.

The Tabernacle Havana Seed CT #142 by Foundation Cigar Co. is one of the best cigars I’ve smoked in a long time. It’s a phenomenal blend that astonishes the palate with a great deal of complexity and dessert-like flavors. Construction is absolutely perfect, and smoke pours off this gem. It’s a must try and multiple-box worthy cigar I highly recommend.

Smoke on!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

Cigar Review | Ramón Allones 898

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I check out the 2014 Cuban Regional Edition cigar for Germany. The Ramón Allones 898 comes in one size, the Dalias, a 6.7×43 Lonsdale. Only 2,000 boxes of 25 have been rolled. As with any Cuban cigar, this one is made entirely of Cuban tobacco. Price is around $14 to $15 per stick.

Ramon Allones 898

The cold gives me a light wood flavor. The wrapper produces a slight earth aroma while the foot emits the same with cedar. Once torched, wood with spicy black pepper come through on the draw. Through the nose, I pick up creamy cedar with vanilla. On the finish, there is wood, leather, and very spicy black pepper.

The first third closes out at twenty minutes. On the draw, I pick up hazelnut with shortbread and honey. Through the nose, I get a bomb of nougat alongside toast and spice. The finish offers a distinct green pepper with ginger and herbal tea. Both strength and body settle in at the medium mark.

Ramon Allones 898

After fifty minutes, the second third ends. A very salty earth makes an appearance on the draw with a hint of honey and cashew. On the retro-hale, I pick up more nougat and toast with caramel. The final third gives me leather on top of spicy cedar and black pepper. There is no change to strength or body.

Ramon Allones 898

The final third finishes at one hour and thirty minutes. On the draw, I find nutmeg with the return of hazelnut and some grass. Through the nose, I’m treated to a combination of nougat and vanilla. The finish consists of a bomb of almost-burnt toast and oak with black pepper. Strength and body close out at the medium mark.

Ramon Allones 898

The Ramón Allones 898 is an exceptional Cuban cigar. There is no negative display of its youth, and the flavor profile is to die for. This cigar also has some serious aging potential. Even though it’s a bit of a pricey smoke, it’s still worth every penny. As these are a limited release, they should be snagged up whenever possible. I highly recommend this delectable cigar.