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This prize is valued at $54.99!

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Here are the rules on how to enter this giveaway. Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget, one winner will be chosen at random. You must live in the USA, and must be 21 years or older to enter. To enter the contest you must provide an active e-mail address in the Rafflecopter widget. All entries will be shared with Famous Smoke Shop. iROBUSTO and Famous Smoke Shop are dedicated to earning your business as well as your trust. To that end, they hold your privacy in highest regard, and will not sell, share, or rent your information with any other organizations or 3rd parties. If you don’t claim the prize within 10 days of the promotion’s end date you will forfeit the prize and another winner will be chosen.

Smoke SetterRead About the Smoke Setter Here

Product Review | The Smoke Setter

When I first heard about the Smoke Setter, my thought was “great another stupid thing to hang off my golf bag…”

I pictured infomercials depicting ridiculousness that never occurs in real life touting the attributes of this new miracle deus ex machina that will forever change society.

When I got it my thought hadn’t changed all that much…UNTIL!

Smoke Setter

I was on a trip to my father’s house. My father lives in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. His porch is an open wrap around with several tables and of course Adirondack chairs. My wife and I brought a selection of fine cigars to accentuate our mountain experience and couldn’t wait to smoke them out on his porch in the evening, as we sat down we realized, there was no ash tray, no place to set the cigars down without risk of burning down his porch, house, town, or the entire Adirondack park. Then it occurred to me. THE SMOKE SETTER!! Of course that would be perfect, but did I bring it? No, why would I have done that it’s for cigars while golfing right? Absolutely not! The Smoke Setter is for any time.

Smoke Setter

The Smoke Setter is exactly what I originally was making fun of it for most likely not being, A machine from the gods, an unexpected power saving a seemingly hopeless situation. I then realized it’s potential not only can it act as a holder and ash tray, but a holder and protector of my brown cylindrical treasures.

When I finally got the chance to use it was everything I hoped it would be. I sat down at the table with my wife put the Smoke Setter down and opened it up revealing the delicious gem it held inside so nicely situated and protected. I placed it on the table then realized that it looked like it would fit perfectly in the hole for the umbrella, and it did! SUCCESS!

Smoke Setter

I was already in love with the Smoke Setter and I haven’t even been golfing yet. But how would it perform with 2 cigars, different weight, and one a box press? The answer…FLAWLESSLY!

Smoke Setter

This isn’t indestructible, it’s not “super” durable, but it’s quality, functional, useful, and besides cigars can be delicate you’re not going to be throwing this thing around anyway. I know the center of the Smoke Setter can be used as an ash tray, but it didn’t seem intuitive to me to do so as I didn’t want to dirty the inside. I’m used to my cigar carrying case being clear of ash, but I’ll give it a try next time.

Thank you to Bob Garde at Whim Ventures for sending this fantastic product my way to try and review. This is a great and incredibly useful addition for every cigar smoker. I can’t wait to use it on the course. The Smoke setter will be coming with me just about everywhere, why not a protector, case, holder, ashtray that fits in a cup holder or umbrella hole, and yeah it fits in the cup holder of a folding chair too!

Get one, you’ll love it.

Cigars and Golf; Stogies and Bogies. Why?

Those were my exact words when the call went out for a golf content writer, this extended to “please god, let there be another golfer!”, but alas there was none. And I answered the call of duty.

Now don’t get me wrong I love golf, I wish I had better clubs, new shoes, more time and money to play.

I also wish that I could find an affordable golf launch monitor that can help me get a better idea of where I’m at with my swinging motion. At least that way, I know what I need to do to help me improve my game for when I do play.

I don’t like reading about golf, nor do I like watching it on TV. To me it’s boring.

I like to play.

So who better for someone to write about golf than someone who can’t stand writing about golf!
With these thoughts in mind it caused me to contemplate that if I don’t like to read about it or watch it why do I like to play it?

For me it was evolutionary. When I was younger it was something else for me to do in the summer. I was and continue to be….”energetic” This and Kung Fu, was a subtle attempt by my parents to help me focus, calm me down and make me less competitive with others and instead challenge myself. Surprisingly to me at the time they complimented each other in a way you would never think.

Cigars Golf Deer

They both require practice discipline and concentration, precise movements and judgement of distance, and both require an extreme amount of power and energy control.

And it worked.

I was an SCCA, WCR, Rallye Race Driver/navigator, I extreme freestyle skier/snowboard. I play Rugby, I played Lacrosse, I hike, mountain climb, and I am a hardcore raver! Basically an adrenaline junkie. I may have to go online to StringKing and pick up some more sports equipment as mine must be worn down by now!

Golfing helps give me that balance so desperately needed.

I was very fortunate to be able to learn under 2 very well-known masters.

I took 1 year of Golf lessons from Frank (Fuzzy) Zoeller. If I had not had consummate professional instructing me I very well may have gotten frustrated and never realized what Golf would do for me.

Golf is one of the few things I do that is relaxing, so it was only natural that golfing would eventually get combined, and complemented by a cigar or two.

As I got older I learned to appreciate the aspects of golf even more. The fact it could be played alone in a self-challenge, controlling the power and realizing it is more technique than strength, and that harder, faster, stronger, does not make you a better golfer, nor does it make you a good one. Slow steady and focused. That’s why many looking to improve their game choose to use golf simulator software, such as can be found at, to help them practice their technique at home.

I then discovered the social aspect of it. A forced but relaxed and open 3-4 hours spent with other people, not in silence but in conversation.

So, there you have it! My Stogies & Bogies column awaiting your feedback and ideas on how to make it fun for me to write about golf and cigars. See ya soon!

Smoke Setter Golf and Cigars

Keep Your Cigars Clean and Off the Green

New cigar and golf accessory can do more than just help you on the golf course.

The “SmokeSetter” is a new and unique cigar holder created by Whim Ventures. Its versatility is what distinguishes it from others as it can be used in cars, trucks and other places where one enjoys cigars, not just the golf course. The SmokeSetter will soon be found in brick and mortar cigar shops, online cigar shops as well as pro shops across the United States. iROBUSTO is now selling this product in its shop.

The SmokeSetter is a carry case and cigar holder for two lit cigars. Its patented design allows the bottom receptacle to snap into most golf cart ball trays allowing for a secure location to set your cigars during a round of golf. The two part design was created to easily attach to your golf bag protecting your sticks in route to the course while providing a reminder to never forget your holder when your on your way to the course or enjoying a round.

“The SmokeSetter is not just for golf. Even though its creation surfaced when the founders were enjoying a cigar while golfing, the cup holder accessory allows complete flexibility beyond the golf course” said a company representative.

The product is even more versatile with the addition of a “Cup Holder Adapter” that allows you to enjoy your cigars anywhere you go where there’s a typical cup holder; therefore it fits up to three standard cup holder sizes to be also utilized in an automobile, while boating or lounging at the beach.

We asked Why is Smoke Setter better than other products that are similar?

A company representative replied, “The SmokeSetter is the most versatile cigar holder in the market. It’s a carry case and holder for two lit cigars while its patented design allows the bottom receptacle to not only snap into most all golf cart ball trays for a secure location to set your cigar, but also becomes an ashtray for improved cart and course maintenance: All-in-One. The two part design was created to easily attach to your golf bag protecting your sticks in route to the course while providing a reminder to never forget your holder in the cart or on a tee box back on the golf course. Best of all it can be used anywhere you enjoy cigars.”

About Smoke Setter and Whim Ventures

Based in Rhode Island, the guys at Whim Ventures are just two “regular Joe’s” who greatly enjoy a good smoke while playing a round of golf. The Smoke Setter was created to satisfy the needs of the cigar enthusiast who not only wants to enjoy their cigar on the golf course, but in places that need a secure practical cigar holder. “Life’s too short to waste a good cigar!”

Choosing the Best Cigars for Golf

5 things about…
Choosing the best cigars for your next golf game

Maybe, just maybe, you’re headed to the Drew Estate Cigarnival Golf Tournament in Pennsylvania this weekend. And maybe, just maybe, you plan to smoke something. (Ha ha. You’re a fool if you don’t.)

With all the awesome cigars in the event’s vicinity, you’ll have to select just one at a time. Choose wisely by keeping the following points in mind. Unless Jonathan Drew hands you a cigar. Then you should ignore these 5 Things and smoke away—whatever the stick is!

(Of course, if you’re NOT playing a round with Jonathan Drew, then definitely take heed of these 5 Things:)

5. With cigar strength, two factions exist:

Choose a mild to medium cigar. Cutting back on strength avoids a five-gallon bucket of nicotine to your system around the sixth hole and vomiting at the seventh.

Or: Choose whatever the hell you want. “You aren’t the boss of me and you can’t tell me what to smoke.”

4. Size matters.

Fire up a cigar requiring serious commitment when you hit the course, since you have hours to finally finally smoke without unwanted interruption. A 7 x 70 will get you through about nine holes of golf and bullshitting. If the 70 makes your jaw ache, still err on the larger side. (A ‘ring’ is equivalent to 1/64” in diameter.)

The bigger ring gauge gives you a cooler smoke and slower burn, thanks to science and physics. These cigars generally exhibit more complex and fuller flavor, as there’s more room to blend different tobaccos. Plus, you look badass. (Although if you’re Jonathan Drew or Clint Eastwood, you’ll look badass smoking anything, including a cheroot or a Virginian [7 x 34] you’ve cut into thirds to fit in your pocket.)

Oh, and FYI: In a pinch, you can use a Churchill (7 x 50) or an A (9 x 47) as a putter.

3. On the golf course, the focus centers on tormenting your shankopotamus pals.

And maybe paying attention to a putt or two.

So don’t bring the most premium of premium cigars. You’re going to be lighting and relighting, setting it down, forgetting you’ve rested it on the cart, and then speeding off to the next tee. (And finding it smashed by another cart when you go back for it. A moment of silence, please.)

2. If you’re a new cigar smoker, stick with an established favorite. Even if you’re a well-seasoned smoker, commit to familiar blends.

Grimacing with every puff sucks the relaxation from the excursion and gives your team ammunition to mock you for the rest of the season. (At the Drew Estate Cigarnival event, just assume anything you do will result in mocking. That’s what golf-cigar friends are for.)

1. However! Strength, size, and quality won’t matter if you can’t light that bad boy.

Two words: Torch lighter—and make sure there’s power behind it. You’re fighting Mother Nature to get the damn thing lit. If the golf gang will also use that lighter, have back-up fire or a small canister of butane. Hell hath no fury like a golfer without butane. Trust me on this.

Written for iROBUSTO by Penny Piva

5 Things About Cigars and Golf

5 things about…
Cigars and Golf

I’ve again shaken down a cigar lounge pal for information, this time Patrick Martin, golf course superintendent of The Preserve at Boulder Hills in Wyoming, RI. After all, cigars and golf go together like…er, cigars and golf.

Why smoke cigars when you’re playing a round? “Because you can!” came a smoky chorus, led by henchman Valentino Mennitto. “It relaxes you and keeps your head in the game,” said Patrick. “Because you’re smoking the cigar, you can’t take the game too seriously.”

More wisdom from Patrick and the others:

5. The golf course groundskeepers prefer you smoke cigars to cigarettes (and not just because they’re way cooler). “If we run over a cigar with the mower, it’s just tobacco tossed around.” Cigarette butts, on the other hand, aren’t biodegradable and leave a mess. Once again, cigars rule!

4. Never put your cigar on the short grass while you play; these fairways and greens-require constant maintenance to remain lovely.

Also, by laying your cigar down, you’re indirectly putting “keeping-it-gorgeous” chemicals in your mouth.

Along this line, remember where you put that premium cigar. “People set them on the cart and then drive away,” said Patrick. He recommends owning a cigar clip (usually less than $20) that attaches to your bag. Problem? Solved!

3. Remember: You’re a team. If you’re planning to smoke, bring enough in your travel humidor to share. Patrick reminds us, “If all four of you are smoking, it’s another way to build camaraderie.”

Also, if you’re playing this round with someone new, ask if they mind you smoking–before you light up. (Asking while you smoke, according to my favorite cigar smoker, Valentino, “is like taking a turn and then putting on your blinker.”)

2. When you’ve finished a cigar at the lounge, you place it in the ashtray. Done. On the golf course, no ashtrays lie within arm’s reach. With visions of marred short grass, Patrick said a little too loudly, “Don’t put it on the green!”

But do let it go out, even if you have to carry it to the next hole. Don’t drop it and stomp on it. “Please… Patrick whispered.

1. Finally, when deciding the cigar for the course, bring one you know you’ll never have enough time to finish any other time. If it becomes a favorite, you’ll just have to play more golf.


Written for iROBUSTO by Penny Piva