Cigar Review | Tatuaje Monster No. 6 JV13 “The Jason”

It’s Stog o’Clock, and we have the Tatuaje Monster No. 6 JV13 to smoke. This cigar is often referred to as “The Jason” as it is made in reference to the horror film character, Jason Voorhees. This elusive stick comes in dress boxes of 13 with the signature Jason mask painted on them as well as plain ten-count boxes. It is a 7.5×52 Churchill with Nicaraguan fillers and a Nicaraguan binder draped in a rough-looking Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. There is a chocolate aroma with a musty berry element coming out of the foot. The unlit wrapper gives off chocolate and caramel.

The first puff obliterates my palate with an enormous amount of black pepper spice. It hits me like a brick wall on the draw, through the nose, and on the finish. There is a slight wood and leather hiding behind the pepper.

The first third puts me at the forty-minute mark. There is still a ton of black pepper on the draw with a slight oak and black licorice. The retro-hale gives me black pepper and leather. The long finish is another blast of black pepper with a slight dark chocolate note. The cigar is at the top of the full mark in strength and body. I feel a buzz in my head, and my stomach churns even after eating a full meal before lighting up this wicked devil.

The Jason

After one hour and ten minutes, I finish the second third. The strength is still at the full mark, but the body of the smoke has toned down a bit. My buzz continues to remind me of the strength of this stick. The draw remains peppery with smooth oak and leather. Through the nose, a tobacco core is present with black pepper and slight dark chocolate. The finish continues to be long with an oily char flavor and a distinct salty note with some grass. Smoke output is strong, but I experience a wonky burn.

The final third brings me to the two hour and twenty-five minute mark. The strength deceives me. The draw continues to hit me with pepper and leather, but the wood flavor is becoming much sweeter. There is an earthy vanilla through the nose with an on-going tobacco core. The finish gives me saltiness and spice mixed with roasted nuts and sweet leather. Performance is solid.

The Jason

After I finished smoking this cigar, I immediately started to feel sick. The flavors throughout the experience were moderately enjoyable, but the aftertaste left in my mouth was nauseating. All I could taste was bitter ash. The overwhelming amount of black pepper spice in this stick really killed me. I thoroughly enjoy strong, full-bodied cigars, but this one just did not settle right with me. I’ve never up-chucked from a cigar, and I didn’t toss my cookies after this one, either, but it sure made me feel ill for a few hours.

Due to my experience following the end of this stick, I cannot recommend it to anyone. I can handle bold. I can handle full strength. I just don’t agree with blending a cigar to have so much spice and so much strength with such a horrendous after-taste that is makes someone feel sick. I can’t believe this cigar could be put into production with the taste it leaves on the tongue. I may try another one someday, but for now, this is a no-go in my book. This Monster should have stayed in the closet!

Smoke on, folks!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)