Cigar Review | Las Cumbres Tabaco Freyja

This cigar was created by Emma Viktorsson who just happens to be the wife of Jose Blanco. Emma is not a stranger to the cigar industry. She has worked for Swedish Match, General Cigar and now is co-owner of Las Cumbres Tabaco along with her husband Jose Blanco. The Freyja is the second blend produced by that factory. The Freyja was blended by Emma Viktorsson and Geralito Perez. best resume writing services for educators sociology gender inequality essay forum viagra kamagra formigues viagra homework help cheat essay contest viagra billiger 2013 click viagra american express andreas kasper dissertation watch buy cheap cytotec on line help my math homework ks1 english test papers a good introduction for an persuasive essay existential nihilism essay analysis essay editor websites essays on truth and reality bradley shop for kamagra where can i buy viagra in nairobi mdma and levitra cuanto sale un viagra en argentina a summer essay cialis yucaipa essay writing contest philippines 2013 american legion essay contest 2013 maryland Watch a Short Review or a Full Review

The wrapper is a Domincan Criollo 98 alongside a Mexican San Andres Binder. The filler is a combination of Dominican Criollo 98, Dominican Piloto Cubano and Nicaraguan. The cigar is available in 4 sizes each carrying a name related to Viking mythology.

Sessrúmnir [5 3/4 x 42 ($7)] is a corona larga. Sessrumnir comes from Freyja’s Heavenly Hall in which she carried fallen Viking warriors.
Valhalla – [5 1/2 x 50 ($7.85)]. Valhalla is the place where the Vikings main god (Odin) would take the fallen warriors.
Thor’s Toro [ 6 x 54 ($9)]. Thor is the god who is associated with storms, strength, the protection of mankind, fertility and healing.
Valkyrie Pyramid (6 1/2 x 52, $10), which is another nod to Freyja as chief of the Valkyries.

Each name has a tie to goddess Frejya: Valkyrie are a host of female figures who were believed to select who would win in battle. Half of the dead warriors were said to be taken to Frejya’s heavenly hall Sessrúmnir while the other half were taken to the god Odin’s hall Valhalla.

The cigar has a firm roll with a medium roll. On the cold draw the smoker is greeted with the taste of sweet tobacco with a touch of red pepper on my tongue. Upon the first light, I was unpleasantly surprised with red pepper, earth and a bitter bite. The retrohale is also very spicy. The pepper continues to build on the back of your throat. As I continue to smoke the cigar through the first third, the two predominant flavors (pepper & bitter bite) seem to fight each other rather than blend together smoothly.

The cigar is very well constructed and starts off burning very slow. At some point, the ash begins to bloom and I pick some more earthiness (along with the pepper of course) and a sour note. All of these flavors tend to sit on the back of the throat. As I work my way through the review, I realized that I am not really enjoying this cigar. The cigar seems to have a set of flavors that are not playing nicely with each other. Each flavor wants to be the main flavor. However, each could use some help from the supporting flavors in order to be a well blended cigar.

The heavy pepper from the cigar is drying my palette. The pepper is fighting with the earth and the mineral tastes. Luckily I was spared because the cigar went out before I completed the 2nd third. This is one that I did not bother to relight and I am happy that I only purchased a single. I like Jose Blanco’s Senorial and am looking forward to trying the Senorial Maduro. I feel bad that I didn’t enjoy Emma’s foray into the cigar blending world. But that is the way it goes sometimes.

LeeMack912 Rating

Price – 3/5
Flavor – 2.5/5
Complexity – 2.5/5
Construction – 5/5
Total – 5.5/10