Product Review | The Smoke Setter

When I first heard about the Smoke Setter, my thought was “great another stupid thing to hang off my golf bag…”

I pictured infomercials depicting ridiculousness that never occurs in real life touting the attributes of this new miracle deus ex machina that will forever change society.

When I got it my thought hadn’t changed all that much…UNTIL!

Smoke Setter

I was on a trip to my father’s house. My father lives in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. His porch is an open wrap around with several tables and of course Adirondack chairs. My wife and I brought a selection of fine cigars to accentuate our mountain experience and couldn’t wait to smoke them out on his porch in the evening, as we sat down we realized, there was no ash tray, no place to set the cigars down without risk of burning down his porch, house, town, or the entire Adirondack park. Then it occurred to me. THE SMOKE SETTER!! Of course that would be perfect, but did I bring it? No, why would I have done that it’s for cigars while golfing right? Absolutely not! The Smoke Setter is for any time.

Smoke Setter

The Smoke Setter is exactly what I originally was making fun of it for most likely not being, A machine from the gods, an unexpected power saving a seemingly hopeless situation. I then realized it’s potential not only can it act as a holder and ash tray, but a holder and protector of my brown cylindrical treasures.

When I finally got the chance to use it was everything I hoped it would be. I sat down at the table with my wife put the Smoke Setter down and opened it up revealing the delicious gem it held inside so nicely situated and protected. I placed it on the table then realized that it looked like it would fit perfectly in the hole for the umbrella, and it did! SUCCESS!

Smoke Setter

I was already in love with the Smoke Setter and I haven’t even been golfing yet. But how would it perform with 2 cigars, different weight, and one a box press? The answer…FLAWLESSLY!

Smoke Setter

This isn’t indestructible, it’s not “super” durable, but it’s quality, functional, useful, and besides cigars can be delicate you’re not going to be throwing this thing around anyway. I know the center of the Smoke Setter can be used as an ash tray, but it didn’t seem intuitive to me to do so as I didn’t want to dirty the inside. I’m used to my cigar carrying case being clear of ash, but I’ll give it a try next time.

Thank you to Bob Garde at Whim Ventures for sending this fantastic product my way to try and review. This is a great and incredibly useful addition for every cigar smoker. I can’t wait to use it on the course. The Smoke setter will be coming with me just about everywhere, why not a protector, case, holder, ashtray that fits in a cup holder or umbrella hole, and yeah it fits in the cup holder of a folding chair too!

Get one, you’ll love it.

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