New INCH Ringmaster Ships November 5th

The New INCH Ringmaster ships to stores on November 5th

From the same legendary brand that brought you La Historia, Encore and INCH Cigars, E.P. Carrillo now proudly presents INCH Ringmaster! Featuring a blend of 100% Nicaraguan tobacco the deep, dark colored wrapper hints at the depth and complexity of flavor, while the woodsy aroma tells you it will be a slow, subtle burn with a smooth finish. Smooth creamy smoke with a distinctive flavor profile defines this new INCH cigar.

New INCH Ringmaster Ships November 5th

A lusciously smooth draw and a full mouth of balanced creamy smoke is what makes big-ring-gauge cigar smoking so unforgettably satisfying. It’s also why only a master blender like Ernesto Perez-Carrillo could bring the subtle tone and smooth flavor of a smaller cigar in a boldly sized 64 ring gauge that brings big-time enjoyment to any and every cigar smoking occasion.

Made to captivate the eye as well as the palate, this masterfully-blended experience casts a spotlight on the rich tradition of quality and creativity that has defined Carrillo Cigars since the start.

The Ringmaster comes in two sizes, 5 3/8 x 64 and 6 1/2 x 64. To find out more, visit

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