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Cigar Review | My Father La Antiguedad

It’s Stog o’Clock! Welcome back for another cigar review. This time, we delve into the My Father La Antiguedad in the Toro size. This 5.6×55 box-pressed stick has sharp edges and a gorgeous appearance. It has an Ecuadorian Habano Rosado Oscuro wrapper, double Nicaraguan binders – Criollo and Corojo, and a mix of Nicaraguan fillers. The brand is an old Cuban brand brought back to life using some of the same artwork on the box. Considering how delicious and popular the Flor de Las Antillas was, I have high expectations for this stick.

The wrapper gives off a tobacco and espresso aroma. Out of the foot, I pick up sweet raisin and hay. Once lit, the cigar absolutely obliterates my palate with black pepper spice. The draw is extremely loose at first causing me to barely get any smoke. There is more black pepper and some char on the finish, and I get a slight wood through the nose.

The first third puts me at thirty minutes. The smoke output increases significantly. On the draw, I continue to get black pepper spice with some leather and pencil wood. The retro-hale hits me with more black pepper and some char. The finish is very long with notes of spice and leather running alongside an interesting meaty mineral flavor. Strength is at the medium-to-full mark.

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After fifty minutes, the second third tones down to the medium mark in strength. Even though strength is down, the body of the smoke is very full. It is extremely thick with lots of flavor. I pick up tons of pleasant wood with mild coffee and a slight cocoa. Through the nose, there is more coffee, spice, and creamy wheat. The finish gives me leather with a faint raspberry flavor complimented by black pepper. The burn is a little wonky, but overall, construction is good.

The final third brings me to the one hour and ten minute mark. Smoke output becomes minimal toward the end. Constantly having to puff to get any amount of smoke is causing it to become extremely hot. I want to chug along further, but the heat is too much for my palate. Strength and body jump up to the full mark. On the draw, there is another blast of black pepper with a bitter char. Through the nose, I get more coffee, although mild, with some bold black pepper. The long finish leaves me with very oily leather bounced off of a rich tobacco core and a smoky coffee flavor.

Overall, the cigar is good. The last third did not impress me much, but I really believe it has room to improve with age. I would recommend trying it to see if the flavor profile is appealing, but this is not a cigar to rush out and buy. Put it on a wish list, and try it when you can, but if you’re looking for a great Don Pepin Garcia or My Father cigar, go for the Flor de Las Antillas before you reach for La Antiguedad.

As always, keep on smokin’!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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