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When is the “Meet in the Middle” Cigar Show?

The Meet in the Middle Cigar Show can be seen on YouTube 24/7 and we upload new episodes every Sunday at 7pm Eastern. Part of enjoying cigars is enjoying them with friends. We encourage viewers to source the cigars from our sponsors and join us for #mitmcigar the virtual cigar herf review, also known as “The Meet in the Middle Cigar Show”.

New Episodes Added Sundays at 7pm Eastern

New broadcasts are uploaded on Sundays at 7pm Eastern to YouTube and will be available whenever you want to watch them. Just subscribe to the iROBUSTO YouTube channel to get an email when new videos are published, Subscribe to iROBUSTO here.

Season 3 Episodes

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When you watch the show, listen for your name to be called and contact us by using the contact form on our site.

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The Meet in the Middle Schedule

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The cigars for the episodes are subject to change, however we don’t anticipate any. Any updates will be posted on social media and the iROBUSTO site.

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If you missed the pop up, this is the Newsletter Link

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