Macanudo Inspirado White Featuring Gary Korb from Cigar Advisor

Gary Korb from Cigar Advisor appears on the Meet in the Middle Show. We review the Macanudo Inspirado White. It’s not Gary’s first appearance on the show. In past episodes, just like this one, he has been a wealth of cigar information.

One of the highlights of the show is the discussion of the Cigar Flavor Wheel at Famous Smoke Shop. Browse this page to see the episode and find links to the Flavor Wheel as well as a special iROBUSTO10 discount coupon code.

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Meet in the Middle
The Meet in the Middle Cigar Show is the longest running cigar show on YouTube with almost 100 episodes and three seasons. In each episode Hyacinth, Leander and Mark review the same cigar in three 15-minute segments.

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#mitmcigar – Full Episode

Segment 2

#mitmcigar – Segment 2

Segment 3

#mitmcigar – Segment 3

Tasting Wheel
This Cigar Flavor Wheel can be found at Famous Smoke Shop.
Flavor Wheel
Cigar Flavor Wheel

Use code iROBUSTO10 for a 10% discount on orders over $75 at

The cigars for this episode were purchased from Famous Smoke Shop.

Thank you to Cory and Gary for making this episode happen.

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