iROBUSTO Gives Readers Their Chance to Vote

iROBUSTO will celebrate its fourth year in business as one of the leading cigar related sites on the web with a great Top 25 Cigar of the Year list. January 2018 marks iROBUSTO’s 4th calendar year of being in business and the traffic keeps growing. Advertisers and those seeking cigar promotion have come on board to make iROBUSTO one of the leading online cigar sites.

Each year since 2015, iROBUSTO has done a Top 25 Cigar of the Year list with a twist. The site has always been user-friendly and asked the cigar community to vote on their favorite cigars. This year is no different as the iROBUSTO team is at it again with the community award votes in full effect.

Readers can vote on iROBUSTO by visiting the iROBUSTO Top 25 Cigars of 2017 list and cast their vote. When we asked co-owner, Mark Swanson, about the Top 25 Cigar of the year list, he was excited to say, “iROBUSTO’s Cigar of the Year is the best list out there because we listen to our followers and readers. Included on our list is something unique. We have 4 seasoned reviewers and the most important people of all, our readers, telling the community about the cigars they love. Their chance to vote is the most important part of making the list the best it can be.”

Official Sponsor of the iROBUSTO Top 25 Cigars of 2017

During the month of December, sponsors have jumped on board, most notably Cigar Oasis along with Famous Smoke Shop. Cigar Oasis is a leader in the cigar humidification arena since 1997 and Famous Smoke is one of the largest cigar retailers in the United States.

All readers, experienced and new are encouraged to vote on their favorite cigar of 2017. “It was great to see Cigar Oasis and Famous Smoke Shop coming on board” stated Hyacinth LaPanatela, the only female partner and reviewer on the site, “I try to represent the women well and hold my own with the guys on the team. I’m happy to be a part of this and hope that more female cigar enthusiasts will come on board to join the voting and start showing their confidence in cigar smoking. It’s a fantastic hobby and passion for all.”

Voters will be added to the iROBUSTO newsletter giving them a chance to win cigar related prizes. Cigar Oasis and Famous Smoke Shop have kindly contributed prizes to the mix and both plan to be on board in 2018. iROBUSTO prides itself on being the only cigar community that allows its readers to create their own Cigar of the Year.

Co-Founder and Co-Owner, Leander “LeeMack912” McClain had this to say about the sponsorship, “The iROBUSTO Top 25 Cigar of the Year is the best because we listen to you. I’m hyped up and I’m happy Cigar Oasis is a sponsor because they’re keeping my cigars in my humidor happy for years.”

For those that want to participate in the process, readers are encouraged to visit the iROBUSTO COTY2017 voting page and make their vote. For more details about prizes and promotions click the banner below.

Cigar of the Year

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