Cigar Oasis - The Leader in Cigar Humidification

Cigar Oasis - The Leader in Cigar Humidification

Cigar Oasis - The Leader in Cigar Humidification

IPCPR 2019 | Cigar Oasis

The Cigar Oasis booth was occupied every time we walked by this year. The booth itself saw a major update last year, and they’ve added some cool new graphics and images on the televisions that add character to the setup.

At IPCPR 2018, Cigar Oasis displayed the prototype of the company’s newest “set it and forget it” electronic humidification devices – Cigar Oasis 3.0 – which come in a variety of sizes . This year at IPCPR 2019, the new units were on display along with some additional accessories. We got the scoop from Chaim Kohn and Dan Barranco in the video above.

Cigar Oasis 3.0

The first thing to notice on the new Cigar Oasis 3.0 humidifiers is the much brighter and clearer backlit LCD display. Previous models made it a little harder to see from different angles, but this new screen is bright and beautiful. Cigar Oasis 3.0 also features soft touch buttons which make it very easy to adjust.

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Cigar Oasis - The Leader in Cigar Humidification

Cigar Oasis

Each unit features built-in wifi capability for Smart Humidor technology. The remote monitoring service requires a subscription to the application which then gives you access to monitor temperature and humidity with current reports as well as history of both numbers for up to a year. You can also adjust the humidity settings remotely, and the app will alert you when water is low. There are a few annual plans for the subscription available.

The new Ultra, Excel, and Plus models will feature pre-treated white melamine cartridges designed to avoid mold issues often attributed to floral foam blocks common found in many humidifiers. The Magna 3.0 will come with humidification beads.

Cigar Oasis

Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0
-Designed for 50-100 capacity humidors
-$149 MSRP

Cigar Oasis

Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 (CutLightSmoke review coming soon – stay tuned!)
-Designed for 100-300 capacity humidors
-$149 MSRP

Cigar Oasis

Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0
-Designed for 300-1,000 capacity humidors
-$159 MSRP

Cigar Oasis

Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 (CutLightSmoke uses the Magna in his humidor)
-Designed for use in 10-60 cubic foot cabinet humidors
-$249 MSRP

Cigar Oasis Ash Stay

Cigar Oasis also showcased their Ash Stay ashtrays at IPCPR 2019. The Ash Stay is designed to be a wind-proof ashtray. It’s a circular melamine ashtray with three fingers to rest cigars. Rotating the lid then covers the openings preventing wind from disrupting ash within while assisting with odor control.


Being that each Ash Stay is melamine, they do not rust or warp. The material maintains its appearance and is very easy to clean (it’s even dishwasher safe!) making it optimal for an ashtray. Each Ash-Stay is 8″ in diameter and 2″ tall. Color options are currently white, coffee, and gun metal, and they retail for $30 each. Stay tuned for a full review from CutLightSmoke.

Cigar Oasis Hygrometers

The final accessory on display in the Cigar Oasis booth at IPCPR 2019 was their line of hygrometers. They offer three different styles. We’ve used the digital variants, and they are exceptionally reliable.

Analog – MSRP $10

Caliber IV (Digital) – MSRP $30

Caliber 4R (Analog Style Digital) – MSRP $32 (Available in gold and silver)

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