IPCPR 2018 | Padron Cigars

Padron Cigars, one of the heaviest hitters in the cigar industry, didn’t have any new blends to show off this year at IPCPR 2018. A company like Padron doesn’t need to turn out new cigars constantly because they’ve proven themselves with some of the finest smokes on earth across all the blends they’ve put out. They did, however, have one nice premium accessory on display at the trade show.

Padron Travel Humidor

Padron Travel Humidor

The only new thing in the Padron booth this year was this new travel humidor made by Brizard & Co. To me, it seems to be simply a traditional travel case, but it is supposed to be able to hold humidity just as a normal humidor would. The humidor is made of leather with a cedar lining and a gold hammer on the front. It holds 3 or 4 cigars and is limited to 350 pieces. Oddly enough, the price is also $350, so save your pennies. It’s one slick piece to add to the collection if you have the cash!

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