IPCPR 2018 | Battleground Cigars

Battleground Cigars didn’t have any new cigars at IPCPR 2018, but they did update a new blend with some unique “lost and found” tobacco. We got an inside look at the one-of-a-kind Civil War tent booth the company pitches each year.

Battleground Mysterioso

Battleground Mysterioso

The Mysterioso is an existing line for the company, but this is now the third time they’ve changed the blend. This go-around, things were a little different, as they found some well-aged perique tobacco which will now be incorporated in the blend until it is exhausted. Size and pricing will all remain the same for now. Oddly enough, when the second blend change occurred, I got chance to try the blend before release as National Sales Manager, Justin Randolph, lives in my hometown, and I have to say, I’ve been impressed with the company’s dedication to continually improving on their cigars instead of simply churning out new lines just for the sake of it. Stay tuned for a review of the updated Mysterioso.

On an unrelated note, Battleground Cigars can still claim the title of “only infused cigars CutLightSmoke has ever enjoyed” with their Darby and Lincoln blends. That’s worthy of a hat-tip.

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