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Cigar Oasis - The Leader in Cigar Humidification

Cigar Oasis - The Leader in Cigar Humidification

Cigars and Golf; Stogies and Bogies. Why?

Those were my exact words when the call went out for a golf content writer, this extended to “please god, let there be another golfer!”, but alas there was none. And I answered the call of duty.

Now don’t get me wrong I love golf, I wish I had better clubs, new shoes, more time and money to play.

I also wish that I could find an affordable golf launch monitor that can help me get a better idea of where I’m at with my swinging motion. At least that way, I know what I need to do to help me improve my game for when I do play.

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Cigar Oasis - The Leader in Cigar Humidification

I don’t like reading about golf, nor do I like watching it on TV. To me it’s boring.

I like to play.

So who better for someone to write about golf than someone who can’t stand writing about golf!
With these thoughts in mind it caused me to contemplate that if I don’t like to read about it or watch it why do I like to play it?

For me it was evolutionary. When I was younger it was something else for me to do in the summer. I was and continue to be….”energetic” This and Kung Fu, was a subtle attempt by my parents to help me focus, calm me down and make me less competitive with others and instead challenge myself. Surprisingly to me at the time they complimented each other in a way you would never think.

Cigars Golf Deer

They both require practice discipline and concentration, precise movements and judgement of distance, and both require an extreme amount of power and energy control.

And it worked.

I was an SCCA, WCR, Rallye Race Driver/navigator, I extreme freestyle skier/snowboard. I play Rugby, I played Lacrosse, I hike, mountain climb, and I am a hardcore raver! Basically an adrenaline junkie.

Golfing helps give me that balance so desperately needed.

I was very fortunate to be able to learn under 2 very well-known masters.

I took 1 year of Golf lessons from Frank (Fuzzy) Zoeller. If I had not had consummate professional instructing me I very well may have gotten frustrated and never realized what Golf would do for me.

Golf is one of the few things I do that is relaxing, so it was only natural that golfing would eventually get combined, and complemented by a cigar or two.

As I got older I learned to appreciate the aspects of golf even more, The fact it could be played alone in a self-challenge, controlling the power and realizing it is more technique than strength, and that harder, faster, stronger, does not make you a better golfer, nor does it make you a good one. Slow steady and focused.

I then discovered the social aspect of it. A forced but relaxed and open 3-4 hours spent with other people, not in silence but in conversation.

So, there you have it! My Stogies & Bogies column awaiting your feedback and ideas on how to make it fun for me to write about golf and cigars. See ya soon!

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