Cigar Review | Viva La Vida Robusto

As you guys may have already figured by now, I like to do reviews on cigars that could be considered “Under the radar”, or “Quiet riots.” As a result, you may be privy to read about something you may have not otherwise been exposed to. But in this case, if you haven’t seen or heard of this cigar in your chat groups, trips to the local lounge or on numerous IG stories, then you’re probably living La Vida Hermit! LOL

This cigar is a collaboration from Artesano Del Tobacco and AJ Fernandez, who I have to say is one of my favorite Master craftsman across the board. The guy is sheer genius and he doesn’t break our pockets trying to experience his masterpieces. With a 25yr history in the tobacco game, Artesano Del Tobacco is a small boutique company out of new York City. Formerly known as New York Cigar Inn, housing the only Cigar Aficionado lounge in the world, they changed their name before reaching out to AJ to create the “Live The Life” cigar.

  • APPEARANCE – The cigar is dark brown with a reddish hue to it. There isn’t a seam in sight and there are tiny vascular vein patterns with one or two slightly more visible veins. The rugged single cap is the only non perfect component of this cigars build and I like it.
  • AROMAS – The wrapper smells like puppy fur, wood and Autumn leaves. No BS, Autumn leaves!!! From the foot I’m getting wood, chocolate and chalk. Oddly, the aroma coming from the cap is a more intense smell of musky earth

First Third | Fiesta Caliente

I was power blasted up front with a combination of red and black pepper. There was a caramel like sweetness that came in behind it , cleaning up the mayhem. I love when spice is done correctly. I don’t mind having my mustache singed as long as the flavor is “Vida”. In the retro, I’m getting a spicy cinnamon citrus kind of flavor and that’s totally enjoyable. I can’t put my finger on the specific type, but there’s a nutty component at play in the nasal nuances. The finishing touch at the end is a rather pleasant toasty oak. I’m completely satisfied and impressed with the first third experience.

Second Third | The Hype is Justified

The toasted/charred oak is ramping up but it’s borrowing an element of sweetness from elsewhere. It’s probably clinging to the now baking spices that started as a cinnamon spice in the first third. The citrus vibe that I was experiencing is now a more darker fruity element. My nose is still tingling from the pepper spice. However, my head isn’t buzzing and the strength is not overpowering. Along with the pepper spice on the retro, I’m getting a nice rich leather attached to hints of molasses. Rounding things out at the finish and in between puffs, there is a solid aged dry tobacco. This is one of those flavors that move the spirit of any so called cigar connoisseur.

Final Third | La Vida Loca

Wow. I told myself several times that I would not use Ricky Martin song references for this cigar. However, I digress because this thing is crazy! This cigar is jumping to and fro and moving around in the most insanely flavorful way. Notes from the first third are returning and nuances from the second are morphing in and out. So basically, you could light this cigar from the front, back or middle and it would still be a hell of a party. And let’s not forget, this is only the Robusto.

In brief synopsis, this cigar finished beautifully. Still spicy yet sweet, with a woody rich tobacco core. The fruity-dark berry nuances are still dancing around my olfactory warehouse via retrohales. I pretty much smoked this Robusto down to my fingernails. Roach clip worthy for sure. LOL!

In a nutshell, all i can say is that this cigar is a must try. The hype is there, but it lives up to it in every sense. As I said earlier, I’ve only smoked the Robusto vitola. But you can be sure I will be trying all of the sizes.

I’d like to to thank you all again for taking the time to share this cigar smoking experience with me. As always, I look forward to the feedback and conversation about these experiences whether it’s in opposition or agreement. I’d also like to send a special Salute to my Barrel Burner Sisters & Brothers of the Leaf. I know you guys are HERFing heavy with the Vida this weekend.


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