Cigar Review | Viaje Zombie Antidote

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I smoke and review the Viaje Zombie Antidote from the 2015 release. This 6.25×44 perfecto features a Nicaraguan Criollo 1998 wrapper concealing all Nicaraguan tobacco. The stick is made to look like a syringe to go along with the “zombie antidote” theme complete with a label resembling a prescription shot.

Viaje Zombie Antidote

The wrapper gives off a mild tobacco and barnyard aroma. There is a slight mustiness coming out of the foot. Pre-light, the snug draw gives me a graham cracker and chocolate taste. Once lit, the cigar puts of minimal smoke with flavors of toast and wood.

Viaje Zombie Antidote

The first third lasts about thirty minutes. The smoke output has improved. I pick up a rusty mineral note with red pepper and char on the draw. Through the nose, there is a bold black pepper and smoked almond. Spicy leather is prevalent on the long finish with notes of earth and bold raisin. Strength and body are both medium-to-full.

After around an hour, I finish the second third. The draw continues to give me a rusty mineral flavor accompanied by spicy wood and bold leather. There is no change on the retro-hale. The finish introduces an acidic citrus with a sour leather and slight cocoa. Strength and body remain the same.


The final third closes at an hour and a half. The draw gives me more spicy wood with grass, tobacco, and coffee. There is more black pepper spice through the nose with pleasant creamy leather. The finish is still long with charred toast, leather, and earth. Strength and body continue to sit at the medium-to-full mark.

Viaje Zombie Antidote

Overall, I do not highly recommend this cigar, but it does introduce some interesting flavors. The performance was solid, but there are still so many better cigars for the same price or cheaper. It’s worth a try, though.

Smoke on!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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