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Cigar Review | Tatuaje Skinny Monsters

The Tatuaje Monster series has grown quite a following in the cigar industry. Each year since 2008, Tatuaje has come out with a new “Monster” based off of famed monster characters from movies and literature. Following the core releases of Monsters were the Little Monsters and Pudgy Monsters – smaller versions of the original releases (plus the addition of two new Monsters – the Chuck and Tiff – with the Pudgy Monsters.)

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters

For 2016, Tatuaje delivered a special treat for many core cigar enthusiasts with the introduction of the Skinny Monsters. Originally released in ten-count sampler boxes, these 6×38 Petit Lanceros feature the same blends as the first eight original Monsters plus the Chuck and Tiff in a slim package. These cigars will soon hit stores in 25-count dress boxes as well.

Naturally, I intended to review each and every one of these bad boys. I originally planned on publishing this for Halloween, but some personal things came up – such is life! Without further delay, here are quick reviews of each Skinny Monster:


The original Monster, I had high hopes for this stick. It hit me with a lot of leather and dark earth on the draw with underlying green pepper notes. Through the nose, spicy black pepper and earth blend with a sweet walnut. The finish displays vegetal earth alongside cocoa and black pepper. Both strength and body were medium-to-full.

Rating: 9 volts of electricity out of 10


This one offers a handful of “dark” flavors. The draw oozes dark cocoa and leather with black pepper spice. On the retro-hale, espresso and pencil wood dominate. The finish is bold with black licorice, char, and more black pepper. Strength and body both remain on the high end of medium-to-full throughout. This one did have a very snug draw.

Rating: 8 fangs out of 10


This blend was particularly good in the Pudgy format. Smoking the Skinny, the draw gives me leather (of course) with smoky earth and molasses. Through the nose, there is a delicious blend of sweet cocoa, spicy caramel, and toast. The finish offers hickory alongside black pepper and salty earth. Strength and body float around the medium-to-full mark. The flavors were awesome, but there was some tar buildup on this one, so smoke slowly.

Rating: 9 pieces of skin out of 10


My favorite full-sized and Pudgy Monster, the Skinny performed well, too. It offers spicy earth, toast, and gingerbread on the draw. The retro-hale is very tasty with hazelnut, black pepper, and citrus notes. On the finish, spicy cinnamon and vanilla pair with prune. Strength is medium while body is medium-to-full.

Rating: 9.5 claws out of 10


This is another blend I really enjoy in the other sizes. The Skinny gives me cedar with black pepper and grass on the draw. Through the nose, cinnamon and coffee pair perfectly with toast. The finish completes this blend with leather, gingerbread, and black pepper. Strength is medium, but body is medium-to-full.

Rating: 9 sarcophagi out of 10


The full size Jason was a cigar that let me down. That is not the case with this Skinny. Spicy cinnamon and nutmeg blend with sweet cocoa and oily cedar on the draw. On the retro-hale, there is strong black pepper with espresso and toast. The finish is also bold with black pepper, dark earth, and charred mushroom. Strength and body are both very full in this blend.

Rating: 8.5 machetes out of 10


The draw opens up with floral notes and leather on top of black pepper. There is more black pepper through the nose with herbal tea notes. The finish offers grassy earth on top of spicy oak and black licorice. Strength and body both ride out at the medium-to-full mark. It should be noted that flavors were a bit muted in the first two thirds and much more distinct in the final third.

Rating: 8 lab coats out of 10


The draw on this smoke delivers flavors of leather, spicy black pepper, and coffee. On the retro-hale, it displays earth with toast, black pepper, and a rich tobacco core. The finish offers up roasted almond on top of nougat and more black pepper. Strength is medium while body sits at medium-to-full.

Rating: 8 top hats out of 10


The Chuck hits the palate with cocoa, cayenne pepper, and vegetal earth on the draw. Through the nose, it delivers spicy cedar alongside graphite and salty tobacco. The finish consists of earth and leather with a nice orange zest. Strength and body are both consistent at medium-to-full.

Rating: 8.5 knives out of 10


The lighter side of the Monsters, the Tiff offers nutty earth, cream, and toast on the draw. On the retro-hale, cinnamon, toast, and caramel come through. The finish gives notes of black pepper, leather, and grass. Strength and body float around the medium mark throughout.

Rating: 8 miniature wedding gowns out of 10

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters

All of the Skinny Monsters are great smokes. For me, the Wolf is the best with the Frank, Face, and Mummy close behind. I even enjoyed the Jason, a blend I strongly disliked in the original release size. The only criticism I have with this series is the burn issues I have encountered. I’ve smoked about three boxes worth of these Skinny Monsters, and many of them have trouble staying lit. It isn’t a deal breaker, but it’s worth noting. Regardless, these are great smokes, and I highly recommend picking up a sampler box to try them all out.

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