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It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I check out a brand that was entirely foreign to me until a few weeks ago. The TACASA in Toro is a 6×50 cigar made by Carlos Sanchez. It features a slightly oil Ecuadorian Habano wrapper concealing a San Andres binder and fillers from three different growing regions in Nicaragua.


The wrapper produces an aroma of coffee and earth. Out of the foot, I smell more coffee and rich tobacco. On the cold draw, I pick up a slight salty, fruity flavor. Once lit, I pick up a buttery cream on the draw with cedar and cinnamon. The smoke is very smooth. More cinnamon comes through on the short finish alongside nutmeg and grass. The retro-hale gives me creamy cedar and coffee.

After forty minutes, the first third closes out. On the draw, I pick up a delicious coffee flavor mixed with buttery cedar. Through the nose, sweet almond notes compliment a tobacco core. The finish is simple with nutmeg and a faint earth. Strength and body settle in at the mild-to-medium mark.


One hour and fifteen minutes in, I burn through the second third. I find more coffee on the draw with the addition of grass and leather. There is no change to the retro-hale in this third. On the finish, I pick up more nutmeg alongside graphite and mushroom – something I’ve never picked up in a cigar before. Strength and body stay consistent at the mild-to-medium mark.


The final third comes to a close at one hour and forty-five minutes. Coffee continues to come through on the draw with additional grass and some smoky cedar. Through the nose, I find more almond with a sweet toast note. On the finish, I see more nutmeg with bitterness to it as well as some leather. Strength and body finish out at the mild-to-medium mark.


The TACASA was a pleasant surprise for me. It’s not super complex, but it does have a tasty flavor profile that I thoroughly enjoyed. There aren’t a whole lot of transitions in this smoke, but sometimes, that fits the bill. It’s certainly a consistent cigar, and for a retail price of $6, it’s one hell of a deal. I definitely recommend it.

I’d like to extend my appreciation to Rick for sending this one in. Thanks a bunch, brother!

Smoke on!
-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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  1. iROBUSTO says:

    This is one I would love to try! Enjoyed this review!

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