Cigar Review | RoMa Craft Tobac Wunder|Lust Robusto

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I check out the RoMa Craft Tobac Wunder|Lust in the 5 x 50 Robusto size. This European exclusive cigar features a dark Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper covering an Indonesian binder and undisclosed fillers. It retails for 8.75 EUR which is about $10.86 per cigar. The cigars come packed in large 40-count boxes.

RoMa Craft Wunder|Lust

On the cold draw, there is sour raisin flavor. The wrapper produces a leathery aroma, while I smell dried fruit out of the foot. Once lit, I pick up light leather, cedar, and white pepper. Through the nose, I find nutty caramel. The finish gives me black and red pepper with nutty leather.

RoMa Craft Wunder|Lust

Twenty-five minutes in, the first third ends. I pick up nutty cocoa and leather with spicy cinnamon on the draw. Through the nose, I find spicy caramel alongside a mellow nuttiness. Smoky walnut and leather blend with black pepper on the finish. Strength and body settle in at the medium-to-full mark.

RoMa Craft Wunder|Lust

At the hour mark, the second third comes to a close. On the draw, grassy earth comes through with leather and spicy cinnamon. The retro-hale sees no change with more spicy caramel and nuttiness. The finish is also much like the first third. Strength and body remain consistent.

RoMa Craft Wunder|Lust

The final third finishes up around an hour and a half. I get black pepper, earth, and leather on the draw. Through the nose, spicy cinnamon and red pepper blast my sinuses. Bombs of black pepper dominate the finish. Strength and body finish at medium-to-full.

RoMa Craft Wunder|Lust

The RoMa Craft Wunder|Lust is an excellent cigar. Complexity is moderate, but the flavors that come through are delicious throughout. The burn was a bit wavy, but it always corrected itself, so I can’t knock it on that. As with every RoMa Craft cigar I’ve smoked, the Wunder|Lust delivers a memorable experience that I highly recommend.

Smoke on!
-Noah (CutLightSmoke)


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