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Cigar Review | Rocky Patel Prohibition Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

It’s Stog o’Clock! This time around, I smoke and review the Rocky Patel Prohibition in the Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro variety. This 6.5×52 Toro features a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, but there is no information that I can find on the filler and binder tobaccos. The Prohibition line was made as somewhat of a protest against potential cigar regulation by the FDA. The wrapper offers a sweet tobacco aroma, and I smell molasses out of the foot.

The pre-light draw offers mild grassy flavor. Once I light the cigar, I pick up a chocolate sweetness on the draw with some spice. There is a molasses note, and the finish is long. Smoke output is minimal. The retro-hale gives me leather and spice.

The first third lasts thirty-five minutes, and smoke output is problematic. The draw presents me with creamy wood and a pepper zing. There is a rich tobacco core with a blast of molasses through the nose. On the finish, there is more pepper with leather and brown sugar. The lack of smoke leaves something to be desired since the flavors are great, but there just isn’t enough smoke to satisfy.

Rocky Patel Prohibition

I finish the second third at one hour. The burn is very poor, but smoke output has slightly increased. On the draw, I am surprised with a mix of leather and a bonfire-like smokiness. Through the nose, there is a big bomb of more leather and molasses. The finish is lasting long with slightly sweet earthy flavors and more leather. The smoke is smooth and delicious. Strength and body are at the medium mark.

The final third puts me at an hour and a half. I see smoke output increase drastically. Flavors on the draw consist of aged oak, leather, and a sweet cream. Through the nose, I stumble upon cocoa, black pepper, and molasses. The finish is another huge blast of molasses and lasts eternally. Strength and body have not changed.

Overall, I would recommend trying this stick out. It has a decent amount of complexity, and it presents some solid flavors. It is certainly a molasses bomb, and that’s a good thing. Aside from the lack of smoke in the first two thirds, it was a good cigar. Price is not too hard on the wallet, and the concept is cool. It’s definitely worth a try, but I think this stick may benefit from a long rest in the humidor as well as being stored in a lower relative humidity long term to help with the burn issues. Not too shabby, Rocky!

Smoke on!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

If you’re in the UK you may have heard of Rocky Patel Cigars. These cigars are available in the European market and you can get them from Cigar World if you happen to pass through Germany. Be sure to tell them iROBUSTO sent you.

One thought on “Cigar Review | Rocky Patel Prohibition Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

  1. charlie says:

    From CA…Brazilian Binder/Nicaraguan Filler. Oh boy is that broadleaf heavy on the molasses! You are right about that…Conn. Broadleaf NEEDS to be stored at lover RH..62-65% is when it smokes best. That tobacco is very thick and holds moisture for longer periods of time, it also soaks up extra humidity when stored at 65% or higher. Great review…I have to give it to Rocky, he does a lot for cigar smokers and CRA.

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