Cigar Review | Ramon Allones Gigantes

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I’ve got a whopper of a Cuban cigar to review. The Ramon Allones Gigantes is a 7.6×49 Double Corona. This stick comes from a 2014 box code, so it is still young as far as Cuban cigars go. It’s perfectly rolled with a gorgeous, smooth wrapper that gives off a slight nuttiness. Out of the foot, there is a barnyard aroma.

The pre-light draw is effortless giving me a hint of wood on my tongue. Once I light this bad boy up, I am greeted with some toast and leather. The finish is short with additional toast. Through the nose, there is a mild spice alongside an earthy flavor.

Ramon Allones

The first third lasts twenty-five minutes. The cigar is very complex and I experience flavors of earth and leather on the draw. Through the nose, there is spice, sweet black licorice, and some hay. The finish leaves me with a pleasant berry accompanied by black pepper and smokiness towards the end. The finish is now lasting quite a while. Performance is stellar, and the cigar remains around the medium mark for body and strength.

The second third brings me to fifty minutes. The draw surprises me with a fragrant tea and a floral note as well as cinnamon spice. The retro-hale gives me some cedar, leather, and the same tea flavor as the draw. On the finish, the spice ramps up and compliments a walnut note. The strength is now at the medium to full mark. Performance remains consistent.

Ramon Allones

The final third closes out the experience at around two hours. On the draw, I pick up leather, more floral notes, and a slight char with a sweet pastry flavor. Through the nose, nuttiness and black licorice are dominant with a bit of a buttery cream. The long finish treats me to a spicy berry note with an orange zest and some black pepper. The strength finishes at the medium to full mark.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Gigantes. It’s a moderately priced Cuban that will give you a lot of complex flavor and some serious smoking time. Even being so young, this cigar performed great. This stick is one that would benefit tremendously with five to ten years of age, and I would certainly recommend smoking it. Aye, aye, Allones!

Until next time, keep on puffin’!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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