Cigar Review | Paul Garmirian 15th Anniversary

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I take a look at a special P.G. cigar. The Paul Garmirian 15th Anniversary features a Colorado Nicaraguan wrapper with aged Dominican filler and binder tobaccos. This cigar was rolled in 2006, giving it some impressive age. For this review, I smoke the Connoisseur size – a 6×52 Toro.

Paul Garmirian 15th Anniversary

The wrapper gives off a distinct antique wood aroma, and the smell of fruity earth and raisin can be found out of the foot. The cold draw gives me flavors of musty leather with some moss. Once lit, I find old wood on my tongue alongside some caramel. Through the nose, I pick up a creamy earth and mild white pepper. The finish consists of black pepper with some leather and coffee.

After thirty minutes, the first third finishes out. On the draw, I find old wood with mild leather and musty grass. Through the nose, there is a light white pepper note with some fruity toast. The finish melts together with subtle caramel, creamy almond, and some vanilla. Both strength and body settle in at the medium mark.

Paul Garmirian 15th Anniversary

One hour in, I finish the second third. The draw gives me more old wood and leather alongside some black pepper and vanilla. The retro-hale offers some mild red pepper with creamy earth. The finish is a mix of cinnamon, toast, and leather. Both the strength and body slightly bump up to a high medium.

Paul Garmirian 15th Anniversary

The final third burns extremely slow and finishes at two hours. On the draw, there is sweet almond with leathery toast and spicy black pepper. Through the nose, I find some hay with a faint mint note and some citrus flavor. The finish is long with smoky caramel on top of earth and graham cracker. Strength and body finish at the medium-to-full mark.

Paul Garmirian 15th Anniversary

The Paul Garmirian 15th Anniversary is a wonderfully complex cigar that increases with strength as it’s smoked. The flavor profile melts together perfectly with subtle nuances of elegance. As with all P.G. cigars I’ve smoked, the 15th Anniversary is one of the smoothest smokes out there. With a hefty $15 retail price, this isn’t an everyday stick, but it makes for a nice special occasion cigar that I highly recommend.

Thanks again to Paul Garmirian Cigars for submitting this cigar for review. It is very appreciated!

Smoke on!
-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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