Cigar Review | Partagas Culebras

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I review the Cuban Partagas Culebras alongside my brother as a guest reviewer. This cigar is made up of three smaller cigars twisted together and packaged in a cedar coffin. It’s traditionally meant to be shared among three smokers. Each of the three cigars comes in at 5.7×39 and is comprised of all Cuban tobacco.

Partagas Culebras

Pre-light, we pick up barnyard and grass off the wrapper. Out of the foot, there is a cedar and hay aroma. The cold draw offers no flavor. Once lit, cedar and black pepper come through on the draw with some raisin. Through the nose, a sweet toast and black pepper combine. The finish displays leather and earth.

Twenty minutes in, the first third comes to a close. On the draw, we pick up a hint of leather with cedar and earth. Through the nose, spicy citrus blends with some pretzel. The finish offers black pepper alongside creamy toast and a vanilla-cinnamon mix. Strength settles in at the medium mark while body rests at medium-to-full.

Partagas Culebras

The second third finishes out at thirty-five minutes. We’re treated to vanilla and burnt caramel on the draw with some underlying cedar. On the retro-hale, we get more spicy citrus on top of raisin and a salty note. The finish offers more black pepper with smooth wheat and creamy earth. There is no change to strength or body.

The final third closes out at one hour. We get salty cedar with leather and more burnt caramel on the draw. Through the nose, Allspice compliments citrus and pastry dough. On the finish, salty pretzel comes through with black pepper and earth. Both strength and body finish out at the medium-to-full mark.


The Partagas Culebras is a fantastic cigar. It offers great complexity with smooth, balanced smoke. Our only complaint was how fast the cigars burned. This blend would likely do well in a larger Lancero vitola. At $30 per coffin, these cigars are a steal, and we both highly recommend them.

Smoke on!
-Noah (CutLightSmoke) & Adam

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