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Cigar Review | Parodi by Avanti

Hey, hey, hey! It’s Stog o’Clock once more, and this time around, I take a look at a little cigar that’s come highly recommended to me. The Parodi by Avanti in the Ammezzati size is a 3.5”x34 small cigar with a very rough look to it and an open head. It utilizes Kentucky and Tennessee Dark Fired tobaccos to give it a unique flavor profile.

Off the wrapper, there is a mild leather and musty aroma. The foot gives off a smoky grass smell. On the first light, I pick up flavors of wood and earth mixed with a slight sweetness. The retro-hale gives me coffee, and the finish is short with minimal flavor.

The first third puts me at fifteen minutes. It burns slow with a snug draw. I get a bit of sweetness on my tongue with leather and musty grass. Through the nose, I get a vegetal char, and the finish lasts long with dark wood, pepper, and smokiness. Strength is on the mild side, and the body of the smoke is medium.

Parodi by Avanti

The second third gets me to the twenty-five minute mark. Strength and body are now both at a steady medium. The draw bombs my tongue with leather, more sweetness, and some spice. Through the nose, I get coffee with a hint of smokiness. The finish is still lasting long with earthy char and additional leather.

After thirty-five minutes, the final third comes to a close. The smoke is now hot with a very tight draw. The aroma is reminiscent of bonfires and the first time walking into a cigar shop. The draw gives me a bonfire-like smokiness with more leather and sweetness. The retro-hale continues to give me a delicious coffee and smokiness. On the finish, I am hit with a ramped up black pepper spice and an old tasting, bold leather. Strength and body have not changed.

Overall, this cigar is just fine for the money. It comes in around the $1-1.50 range per stick, and you can even find deals on them for cheaper. Given this, I think this smoke is a fantastic value and worthy of a purchase. It is the perfect cigar for when you don’t have a long time to smoke, but you don’t want to go too fancy or break the bank. I certainly recommend it. Not all good cigars have to be $20 and cosmetically flawless.


-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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