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Cigar Oasis - The Leader in Cigar Humidification

Cigar Oasis - The Leader in Cigar Humidification

Cigar Review | Padron 1926 Serie 80 Years Maduro

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, we have a very special stick. It’s a cigar that I’ve very foolishly not yet tried. The Padron 1926 Serie 80 Years Maduro is up to bat! This box-pressed 6.75×54 double perfecto has a gorgeous, slightly rustic chocolate bar of a wrapper from Nicaragua as well as intoxicating Nicaraguan long-fillers and a Nicaraguan binder. These well-aged tobaccos produce a delightful earthy chocolate aroma. This is a very limited production stick that uses some of Padron’s finest leaves to celebrate Jose Padron’s 80th birthday. With a name like Padron, I expect nothing but excellence.

Pre-light, the perfect draw reveals an antique wood and earth flavor. The first light hits me with a very refined, black pepper and cayenne spice. The smoke is smooth with a bit of earthiness. Through the nose, there is additional spice.

Padron 1926 Serie 80 Years Maduro Cigar

The first third lasts 45 minutes. The complexity on this cigar is like no other. On the draw, I pick up cocoa, dark chocolate, espresso, and a long-aged tobacco core. The smoke is full-bodied and chewy yet smooth at the same time. Through the nose, spice is more prevalent alongside a mild earthiness and slight leather. The finish is where this stick is shining so far. I’m elated with more cocoa, dark chocolate, espresso, aged tobacco, and a slight spice, but all of these bold flavors are topped off with a buttery cream. The finish seems to never end and just melts in my mouth. The flavors are absolutely delicious and balanced with the full strength of the cigar.

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Cigar Oasis - The Leader in Cigar Humidification

The second third puts me at the one hour and twenty minute mark. Performance is perfect. There is a wonderful hazelnut flavor on the draw, and the buttery cream is making another appearance alongside more bold cocoa and espresso flavors. The finish produces a ton of rich earth. Through the nose, I’m blasted with black pepper and strong coffee. Strength and body are still at the full mark.

The final third seals the deal for me. I’m now at the two hour mark and can feel the strength of the cigar in my head as it continues to maintain its fullness. There is a ramped up spice and cocoa on the draw contrasted by a pleasant sweetness. On the retro-hale, earthiness hangs out with coffee, but surprisingly, the spice steers clear of the nose. The finish gives me a lasting spicy cocoa blended with earthiness and more hazelnut. All of these flavors combine to make the perfect cigar experience.

I loved every puff of this cigar. It’s unbelievably complex, burns slow, and gives you the most enchanting, long-lasting finish and blend of flavor that I’ve had on a cigar in a very long time. Padron knocked this one out of the park. The only drawback on this stick is the price. At around $32, it breaks the bank, but I don’t even feel bad about ponying up the cash. There’s nothing else quite like this cigar out there (at least that I’ve smoked,) and I can guarantee this will not disappoint. I cannot recommend it enough. This is one stick I will certainly be coming back to time and time again. Well done, Padron. Well done.

Until next time, keep on puffin’!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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