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Cigar Review | Padron 1926 F75

Padron 1926 F75 Cigar Review: A Famous Smoke Shop Exclusive.

Today I will be smoking and reviewing the Padron 1926 F75…Famous Smoke Shop exclusive. This cigar will be paired with a very special and rare beer- the Goose Island Bourbon County stout. This pairing was providing by Matthew Nelson a member of the US Air Force and a special friend. The released near the end of 2015, this cigar was created to celebrate the opening of the New York Famous Smoke store by CEO Arthur Zaretsky’s parents (David and Rose) in 1939. Arthur Zaretsky subsequently took over the business and turned it into one of the largest on-line retailers in the country.

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When it comes to cigars, the Padron family has consistently created some of the best cigars in the industry. The Padron 1926 F75 is no exception. It come in a single box pressed size (5 x 54) and retails for $21 USD. They were crafted with 5 year old Nicaraguan tobacco. Truth be told, I am unsure if he smoke the natural or the maduro as Padron maduro’s tend to be lighter in shade than other cigars in the industry. The construction on this cigar was excellent. Minimal veins on the wrapper and a draw that was effortless. A quick look at the foot of the cigar makes me think that this was rolled using the entubar method.

I was surprised that this cigar was not very strong. It starts off medium strength with a medium body. The finish is interesting in that a part of it was short and another part was medium to long. I am pleasantly surprised with flavors of sweet brown sugar, chocolate, espresso and black pepper. As soon as the smoke left my mouth most of the flavors dropped off leaving the pepper to coat my mouth.

IMHO, THIS is what an anniversary cigar should taste like. Good strength, good flavor and excellently blended aged tobacco. This cigar pairs excellently with the Goose Island Bourbon County stout. At 13.8% alcohol you have to remember to sip slowly as you puff on the Padron. The pair makes for the makings of another great day

Price – 3/5
Construction – 5/5
Flavor – 4/5
Overall Experience – 4/5

Total – 4/5

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