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Cigar Review | Nub Double Maduro Box-Pressed

It’s Stog o’Clock once more, and this time around, we’ve got a short, fat cigar to smoke. The Nub Double Maduro Box-Pressed is a 4×60 Special Edition Studio Tobac release that features a Brazilian Maduro wrapper with a Habano Maduro binder and Nicaraguan filler tobacco. Studio Tobac has come out with some great sticks, so I’m excited to get this one lit up.

Pre-light, the wrapper gives off a sweet chocolate aroma, and there is a fruity raisin smell coming out of the foot. There is chocolate and a musty note on the cold draw. One I get this thing blazing, I pick up some chocolate with a spicy espresso and some black pepper on the finish. Through the nose, there is a mild wood.

Nub Double Maduro

The first third is a delicious seventeen minutes of thick, flavorful smoke production. The draw gives me a light cedar with potent black pepper and chocolate. Through the nose, I get spicy earth with coffee, and the long finish gives me more chocolate, bold espresso, and a delectable buttery cream. Strength and body are at the medium-to-full mark.

After thirty-five minutes, I finish the second third. On the draw, I pick up more wood and chocolate with an addition of spicy leather. There is dark cocoa with a hint of grass, black pepper, and coffee on the retro-hale. The finish continues to last long with more chocolate, espresso, and that delicious buttery cream mix with some spice. Strength and body have not changed.

Nub Double Maduro

The final third gets me to one hour. The flavors are fantastic. The draw delights me with earthy wood mixed with some smokiness, ramped up spice, and a mineral note. Through the nose, more cocoa and coffee are dominant with the appearance of sweet cedar. The finish is still long with that amazing chocolate, espresso, and buttery cream mix. I pick up a slight spice and almond late on the finish as well. It’s a real treat. Strength and body are consistent throughout the cigar.

Overall, this cigar is a fantastic smoke. It’s got all the flavor of a super-premium stick without the steep price tag. These cigars are limited, so get them while they’re still around. The size is anything but traditional, but I still highly recommend it. Studio Tobac continues to impress me with some larger ring gauge cigars I actually enjoy. This one can certainly be added to that list.

Cut it. Light it. Smoke it. Repeat.

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

The Nub and Oliva are “New World” cigars which we picked up while in Germany. If you live in the United Kingdom and will be in Germany, we suggest trying them out. They are much cheaper than Cuban cigars and have flavours and strength comparable or better.

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