Cigar Review | La Gloria Cubana Hermoso

Today we will be smoking and reviewing the La Gloria Cubana Hermoso. Hermoso translated from Spanish means beautiful. And what a beautiful cigar she is. She is a 4.5 inches long with a 48 ring gauge and sells for about $5.

I am thankful for Famous Smoke Shop for sending over several samples of La Gloria Cubana cigars. Gloria is a good friend of mine; therefore, we going to see how she treats us today.

La Gloria Cubana Hermoso Notes

Strength: Medium
Shape: Robusto
Size: 4 1/2 x 48
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper Color: Natural
Wrapper Origin: Ecuadorian
Wrapper Leaf: Sumatra

La Gloria Cubana Hermoso
La Gloria Cubana Hermoso

The aroma off the foot is dried fruit and nothing else. After carefully cutting the tip, and doing a cold draw, the only flavor I detect is tobacco. Reminds me of what I think my grandfather would smoke if he smoked cigars. Today’s pairing is a Belgian lambic ale named Cuvee Rene. The Cuvee Rene has a pale golden color and smells like an American pilsner. The taste however is one of a fermented lemon drink with the addition of hops. Reminds me of a champagne that has started to turn to vinegar. It is an interesting flavor.

La Gloria Cubana Hermoso
La Gloria Cubana Hermoso

During the first third, I will call the La Gloria Cubana Hermoso a right down middle cigar. She is still on the mild side. The flavor which tastes like ash and tobacco is better than medium body. I start getting a mix of cinnamon and cedar which transitions to chocolate and coffee and then back to tobacco. The retrohale exudes slight black pepper. It continues to be a mild cigar with medium plus flavors.

La Gloria Cubana Hermoso:
An Interesting Cigar

This is an interesting cigar. Still mild in strength and transitioning to a musty earth and salt flavor. Its almost like with every puff you experience something different. The cigar then transitions into a toasty coffee phase with about 5 flakes of black pepper. This bad boy is complex without being overwhelming in the strength. The complexity keeps shifting. Man this is an amazingly complex cigar. I pick up salt with increasing levels of black pepper.

The Hermoso by La Gloria Cubana is a very good cigar. It is smooth, complex and very well balanced. The construction is spot on. For the $5 price point, it is definitely worth a try.

La Gloria Cubana Hermoso
La Gloria Cubana Hermoso

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