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Cigar Review | Kentucky Fire Cured Delfinas

Today I will be smoking and reviewing the Kentucky Fire Cured Delfinas Cigar by Drew Estate. We will be smoking the Panatela/lancero (6.5 x 26). The cost is around $5.25 which is expensive for a lancero. Today’s pairing is McClelland’s Islay Single Malt Scotch (Thanks to @renz82 for correcting my mispronunciation of Islay)

The prelight aroma is the smell of a house or camp fire after it has been extinguished. Because this is such a slim cigar, I would have to imagine that it is composed of a wrapper, binder and maybe a filler leaf or two. The pre-light draw is slightly snug with a sweet, slightly smoky flavor.

Upon the initial light, I immediately noticed flavors of toast, nut and coffee. Due to the smaller ring gauge, there is not a lot of smoke output. However, because there is not a lot of filler tobacco, the wrapper contributes flavor in a smooth way. The medium bodied flavors are light, but well pronounced and easily distinguishable. The Kentucky fire cured tobacco adds an element of sweetness and complexity, but does not overwhelm.

This cigar experiences quick, intense changes in complexity. The pepper shifts from none, to red, to black. There is a sweetness that maintains itself throughout the entire smoke. The toast, coffee and nut flavors fleet in and out. The one thing that is not readily noticeable is the smoke flavor from the fire cured tobacco.

The experience is one of lushness. This medium bodied cigar is complex and interesting. The one thing I can say is that the Kentucky Fire Cured cigar experience varies depending on size. I would suggest smoking a smaller ring gauge before moving to the larger size vitolas. The Delfinas size is available in a box of 18 and for me is worthy of purchasing a box.
Because I am not a professional cigar rater, I developed my own cigar rating system to help me to distinguish my opinion of cigars based on 4 categories. My rating on this cigar is as follows.

Price: 3/5
Flavor: 4/5
Complexity: 4/5
Construction: 5/5

Total = 8.0/10 on the LeeMack912 scale

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One thought on “Cigar Review | Kentucky Fire Cured Delfinas

  1. charlie says:

    One of the biggest problems I have with Greycliff cigars is they have to import their tobacco into the Bahamas where there factory is. The government in the Bahamas has a 100% mark up on raw tobacco products that Greycliff has to pay for. So if you are ever wondering why their cigars are so expensive its because of the tax on raw tobacco…they sell $6-9 cigars for $20. Also I have heard of more tobacco beetle problems with Greycliff cigars than any other company (outside of Cuba), thats why none of their cigars touch my humidor without being frozen. Great review, sorry bout the dud.

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