Cigar Review | José Orlando Padrón 90th Birthday Cigar

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I try out a special Padrón cigar. The José Orlando Padrón 90th Birthday Cigar was made to celebrate the 90th birthday of this beloved family’s patriarch. Only 200 boxes of 10 have been released and were offered exclusively at a Smoke Inn event celebrating the milestone. From what I’ve found online, this is a Nicarguan puro. The cigar I smoke for this review features a gorgeous Maduro wrapper. It comes in one size, a 6×46 round stick – not the box-pressed format seen with most Padróns.

Jose O Padron 90th Birthday Cigar

On the cold draw, there is a light raisin flavor. The wrapper produces a damp earth aroma, while the foot puts off a raisin smell. Once lit, there is cocoa on the draw with black pepper and coffee. The finish offers spicier black pepper and cinnamon. Through the nose, black pepper dominates alongside coffee.

After twenty-five minutes, the first third closes out. On the draw, I pick up cocoa with salty earth. Through the nose, there is cedar alongside spicy black pepper. The finish offers a potent red pepper on top of espresso and leather. Strength settles in at the medium-to-full mark, while body is very full.

Jose O Padron 90th Birthday Cigar

Fifty-five minutes in, I finish the second third. More cocoa comes through on the draw combined with peanut and prune notes. On the retro-hale, I’m greeted with light black pepper and additional cocoa. The finish is bold with charred cedar, more espresso, and leather. Both strength and body are at the medium-to-full mark now.

Jose O Padron 90th Birthday Cigar

The final third comes to a close at one hour and twenty-five minutes. Cocoa continues to be a dominant flavor on the draw with black pepper and cedar. There is no change to the retro-hale in this third. On the finish, I get a delightful mix of creamy coffee, black pepper, and earth. Strength and body finish out at the full mark.

Jose O Padron 90th Birthday Cigar

This 90th Birthday Cigar fits the bill for such a celebration. It brings classic Padrón flavors to the table that blend well together. Construction is top notch, and the size is one of my favorites. At $16.50, it’s not a cheap cigar, but it’s worth the experience it offers. There are still some other Padrón cigars that I enjoy more, but this is still a great smoke. I definitely recommend this one if you can find it.

I’d like to extend a special thank you to Frank for sending this one to me for review. I truly appreciate it, my friend!

Smoke on!
-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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