Cigar Review | Johnny Tobacconaut Ranflactic

Not much is known about Matt Booth’s latest cigar named Johnny Tobacconaut. What we do know is that the cigar is a Nicaraguan puro. It is available in three sizes: Fileriod (4 1/2 x 52 x 45, $12), Ranflactic (5 1/2 x 30 x 50, $13) and Chingonova (8 x 60 x 44, $14). Production is capped at 3,500 boxes of 20 cigars.

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For today’s review, I smoked the Ranflactic. Right out of the cellophane, I experience a deep sour note combined with the smell of tobacco. Upon first light, I experience a good dose of red pepper, a smooth toast, musty earth with a slight bite. The strength is pretty mild and picks up a salty quality that plays well with the pepper.

Johnny Tobacconaut Cigar Review

The strength quickly ramps up to the medium plus – full range and takes the smoker for a ride. This reflects the Room 101 marketing material which states that the Johnny Tobacconaut will help you escape the day-to-day in search of intergalactic adventure. The strength of the pepper continues to build as the earthy core and sweet tea flavors remain in the core of this cigar. For the amount of pepper that fills my mouth when smoking this cigar, the retrohale is surprisingly tame.

Johnny Tobacconaut Cigar Review

This cigar tastes as if it has been served a little before its time. I am thinking that some additional resting time will help the flavors meld together like a perfectly cooked stew. The cigar feels unbalanced to me. There was a preponderance of spice that was not balanced with an equal amount of sweet, salt or earthy core. I also feel that the price of the cigar is expensive for what you get.

Johnny Tobacconaut Cigar Review

LeeMack912 Rating

Price – 2.5/5
Flavor – 2.5/5
Complexity – 3/5
Construction – 5/5
Total – 6.5/10

Johnny Tobacconaut Cigar Review

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  1. bob langmaid says:

    Great review LeeMack912! I’m gonna bet this cigar will be a lot better with some age on it too. I’m a big Room 101 fan, but like you said….. I can’t smoke the packaging… A little pricy for me…

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