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Cigar Review | Jas Sum Kral Red Knight

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I check out the Jas Sum Kral Red Knight. This 6×52 Toro features an Ecuadorian Habano Light Clario wrapper, Mexican San Andres and Jalapa Seco binders, and a “top secret” filler blend. The cigar is adorned with a classic pigtail cap and a closed foot. The wrapper is very oily, and construction appears to be top notch.

Jas Sum Kral

The wrapper puts out a mild earthy aroma, and the closed foot emits the same. The cold draw offers a woody red wine flavor. The first light reveals smooth, creamy cedar and cinnamon on top of leather. Through the nose, I find nutty oatmeal flavor and black pepper spice. The finish gives me more oatmeal flavor mixed with a very spicy leather note.

After thirty minutes, the first third finishes out. Smoke production creeps almost to a halt. On the draw, there is a dominant leather note with subtle Allspice and vanilla. The retro-hale offers a mix of toast and black pepper. The finish is long with lots of grass on top of cedar and cinnamon. Both strength and body settle in at the medium mark.

Jas Sum Kral

The second third gets me to one hour. Smoke production is now up to a sufficient level. More leather continues to hit my palate on the draw with notes of coffee and smoky cedar. Through the nose, graham cracker makes an appearance alongside almond and black pepper. The finish consists of creamy earth with more cinnamon and a slight caramel. Strength and body jump up to the medium-to-full mark.

Jas Sum Kral

The final third comes to an end at an hour and a half. On the draw, I’m hit with a bomb of black pepper on top of more leather and a vegetal earth. Through the nose, I’m treated to more almond with sweet caramel and a tree bark note. The finish is delicious with sweet coffee, creamy cedar, and black pepper. Strength and body finish out at the medium-to-full mark.

Jas Sum Kral

The Jas Sum Kral Red Knight is a tasty cigar. It has a lot of rich, balanced flavor and enough strength to stay interesting. Construction is perfect, and it’s just a beautiful looking stick. For between $11-12 per stick depending on quantity purchased, it’s not the cheapest smoke around, but this quality cigar is well worth a test run.

I would like to extend a very big thank you to Riste Buc, creator of Jas Sum Kral, for sending this in for review. I greatly appreciate it!

Smoke on!
-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

11 thoughts on “Cigar Review | Jas Sum Kral Red Knight

  1. Leander McClain (LeeMack912) says:

    I have licked a tree trunk once or twice in my life :-). You gotta do you brother

  2. iROBUSTO says:

    You gotta, you just gotta!

  3. CutLightSmoke says:

    Hey, you understand the flavor I’m talking about all be it odd lol I always do me, brother!

  4. Patrick Foster says:

    Hey bro I just wanted to let you know that I’ve watched your reviews for about six months now and I enjoyed them on certain levels. I will however be un-subscribing from your reviews.
    I consider myself to have a pretty decent palate and I can pick out the majority of seasonings and spices that people use to cook my food at restaurants and such.

    That said I don’t find that your accounts are truthful.

    For this Jas Sum Kral you claimed to have tasted; cedar, cinnamon, leather, nuts, oatmeal, black pepper, spicy leather, all spice, vanilla, toast, grass, coffee, graham cracker, smokey cedar, almond, creamy earth, caramel, vegetal earth, sweet caramel, TREE BARK and finally creamy cedar.
    Good luck with your future endeavors.

  5. CutLightSmoke says:

    Thank you for being a viewer of mine. I am bummed to hear you will no longer be watching, but I must respond to your accusation.

    I stand to gain nothing by lying about what I taste in a cigar. To be honest, if I wanted to dumb it down and report just a flavor or two that I find in a cigar, it would make my review process much easier, but then I would indeed be untruthful.

    When I review a cigar, I sit down and direct all of my attention to the cigar. I write down notes of any flavor I pick up as I smoke.

    As you know, cigars are typically reviewed in thirds just as I review them. I look at each third as its own experience as there are often many changes between them. Then, within each third, there is a unique experience of flavors in three areas – the draw, retro-hale, and finish. These areas often have even further differences in flavor between them. Even the combustion of a cigar can change flavor as it burns down.

    To say I “claimed to have tasted” all of those flavors in a cigar as a stab at my honesty isn’t really fair when you look at the whole picture. I don’t claim to taste all of those at once. Plus, you list some flavors multiple times such as cedar. Yes, I add certain descriptors on a single flavor if it sticks around with a minor change, but it’s still the same core flavor.

    You say you have a good palate and can taste spices in your food. While you may think that’s comparable, it really isn’t. You may have initial flavor and a finish with food, but you won’t be retro-haling that food anytime soon, and one single dish isn’t likely to have flavor changes between the thirds you eat. Plus, you won’t be eating it for an hour and a half as it burns.

    As I said, I appreciate your viewership, but I must refute your commentary as its simply not true. Nonetheless, keep it smoky.

  6. Todd Tyszka says:

    Patrick, I wholeheartedly side with Noah on this one. Please understand these are chemical reactions in your mouth and with a palate you can recall the flavors you sense in other things. I used to taste wine professionally as well and detect 500+ flavors in wine as well. Supertasters have more taste buds and sensitivity but you still need a clean trained palate to taste well. Smoking also dulls the taste buds so we need to take breaks too. There are professional tasters for food, wine, coffee, chocolate and tons of other things, it’s a vitally important component to everything that goes into your mouth!

  7. charlie says:

    Never heard of this brand before…you know where they are made?

  8. Jas Sum Kral Cigars says:

    Nicaragua in Noel Rojas new factory

  9. iROBUSTO says:

    Hi Jas Sum Krai,

    Can you send us some pictures, we’ll do a write up on the site about it?

  10. Jas Sum Kral Cigars says:

    Didn’t you already review it ?

  11. iROBUSTO says:

    We didn’t review the factory? 🙂 I was referring to that.

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