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It’s Stog o’Clock, and I’ve got another stick from Hiram & Solomon Cigars up to bat. The Fellow Craft is a 6×56 Gran Toro with a Habano 2000 wrapper concealing Dominican filler and binder tobaccos. This is advertised as the company’s medium strength offering.

Pre-light, there is a musty, bitter taste. The wrapper gives off a fruity aroma and a tobacco core comes out of the foot. I spark up my flame, and the first puff gives me a lot of spice with a slight wood. The finish is a bold mix of black and red pepper with some leather.

Hiram & Solomon Fellow Craft

The first third lasts thirty minutes. Smoke output is through the roof. The burn is great, but the wrapper cracks slightly on its own. The draw produces a spicy black pepper with hay and clove. The retro-hale hits me with spicy nutmeg and more black pepper. Salty leather with burnt toast is dominant on the finish with an acidic bitterness that isn’t very pleasant. The strength and body are at the high end of the medium-to-full mark.

After an hour, I finish the second third. The draw still has a large amount of black pepper with a tobacco core and some char. Through the nose, there is graham cracker with an earthy wood. The long finish treats me with cinnamon and spicy leather. The burnt toast and acidic bitterness has faded away. Body and strength have not changed.

Hiram & Solomon Fellow Craft

The final third puts me at one hour and twenty minutes. On the draw, I pick up rich leather and tobacco with some slight spice and smooth toast. There is a fantastic earthy grass and nuttiness on the retro-hale. More black pepper bombs my tongue on the finish with creamy wood and leather. The cigar stays consistent in strength and body throughout the entire experience.

Overall, the Fellow Craft was just decent. It had a strong finish in the last third, but the first half of the cigar didn’t do a whole lot for me. At $15 a pop, it’s hard for me to recommend this one. I think these could improve with age, and any cigar is worth a try, but so far, this is my least favorite cigar from Hiram & Solomon Cigars.

Keep on puffin’!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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