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Cigar Review | Hiram & Solomon Enter Apprentice

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time around, I smoke and review a cigar that’s new to my humidor. The Hiram & Solomon Enter Apprentice is a 6×56 Gran Toro. It features a Connecticut shade wrapper concealing all Dominican tobacco. Hiram and Solomon Cigars is a company founded by Freemasons aiming to create cigars for Freemasons and cigar lovers alike. They reached out to me and were very gracious in providing me a sample from each line they offer to review. The Enter Apprentice is their mild offering.


The wrapper gives off a grassy soap smell with some sweetness. The foot produces a wonderful raisin and leather aroma. The band is simple and classy with the symbolic square and compass. After lighting this thick cigar, I get a mild spice with light wood and some cream. The draw is perfect, and smoke output is sufficient. Through the nose, I get additional wood.

The first third lasts half an hour. The burn is phenomenal for the size, but I do have some cracking on the wrapper. So far, it is not affecting performance. The draw gives me a mild black pepper spice with a light cedar and some almond. Papery cardboard comes through my nose with a light toast and vanilla. The finish is long and gives me spicy cream with a floral note and some underlying hay. The body is medium, and strength comes in at the mild mark.


The second third puts me at one hour. On the draw, I pick up a big white pepper with some cedar and cream. The nose gives me a bomb of earth with wood and cinnamon. The finish is still lasting with creamy wood, white pepper, and some raisin. Strength and body are both at the medium mark.

After an hour and a half, I finish the final third. The draw gives me more white pepper and cedar alongside the almond note from the first third. The retro-hale gives me a creamy toast with a bit more almond and smooth leather. On the finish, I pick up fruity wood with a slight spice and some grass. Body is medium and strength is mild.


Overall, this cigar really impressed me. It’s not often you find an unheard of cigar that really hits the spot, but this one did just that. I’m not a huge fan of mild cigars, either, but this thing had some really great flavor. The only turn-off for me is the price. They come in boxes of ten at $150 per box, but Hiram & Solomon Cigars will donate $5 from each box to a Mason lodge of the buyer’s choice or to the Philadelphia Shriner’s Hospital. If you can stomach the price, I do recommend trying this cigar out. I can’t wait to smoke their other two blends!

Until the next puff,

Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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