Cigar Review | Graycliff Casillero Privada

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this go around, I check out the Graycliff Casillero Privada in the Piccolo Extra size. This stick is a 5×46 Torpedo with an unfinished, shaggy foot and a simple, elegant white label. It has an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper holding together tobaccos from Nicaragua, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. The cigar is said to be very limited and comes in around $12 for the retail price.

Graycliff Casillero Privada

The wrapper gives off a strong barnyard aroma with wood and tobacco. There is a faint leather smell off the foot. The cold draw barely gives off any flavor other than a slight cedar. Once lit, I pick up a creamy graham cracker with some leather and a hint of spice. I also find a cinnamon note on the finish. The smoke output is lacking at first.

The first third lasts fifteen minutes and struggles to give off much smoke without excessive puffing. On the draw, I get a pleasant cinnamon spice with leather, grass, and cedar. There is a dominant herbal tea with a hint of earth and some clove on the retro-hale. Black pepper spice bombs my tongue on the finish alongside musty leather. The strength and body are on the low end of the medium-to-full mark. The cigar is burning very hot at this point.

Graycliff Casillero Privada

After half an hour, I finish the second third with continued burn problems. The draw gives me similar flavors to the first third. Through the nose, there is a spicy cinnamon with toast and more herbal tea. Musty leather and black pepper spice are both still consistent on the finish. There are not many flavor changes so far on this stick, and the body and strength remain the same.

I hit forty minutes and decide I’ve had enough. The smoke is now burning my tongue. Flavors on the draw and through the nose are the same with the exception of some additional spice. There is a spicy herbal tea on the finish with bitter wood and leather. There is still no change with strength and body.

Graycliff Casillero Privada

Overall, this cigar was terribly disappointing. The flavors were decent but did not transition at all. The lack of smoke output and hot, wonky burn were just too severe to overlook. There are far better cigars for the price, and I do not recommend the Casillero Privada.

Smoke on!


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