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Cigar Review | El Rey del Mundo Aniversario

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I revisit a Cuban cigar that I’ve only smoked one time shortly after its release. The El Rey del Mundo Aniversario was the 2012 Asia Pacific Regional Edition with only 4,000 boxes made. It is a 5.9×54 cigar with a gorgeous appearance. The ring gauge is large for a Cuban (not a trend I’m a fan of,) but it feels nice in the hand. The wrapper has a sweet tobacco smell with a nutty earth and leather aroma coming out of the foot. The pre-light draw presents me with a sweet tobacco core.

Once I put a flame to the foot, the cigar gives me a salty, sweet, and grassy flavor. The finish gives me a delightful wood. Through the nose, there is a mix of leather and spice. Smoke output is low.

The first third is a fantastic half-hour of delicious smoke. On the draw, I am gifted a unique sea salt flavor with leather and grass. The retro-hale is a blend of floral notes with sweet cedar and creaminess. The creaminess is by no means light, and it’s full of body. The long finish leaves me with a scrumptious pretzel and wheat flavor with a slight toast and spicy cream. Strength is medium to full, and the complexity is impressive. Performance is spot-on.

El Rey de Mundo

After one hour, the second third blows my mind yet again. My tongue is dancing with sea salt and grass as well as an aged leather flavor. Through the nose, there is more floral and a slight spice. The finish leaves me drooling with heavy creamed coffee flavor complimented by mild spice and more sea salt. The blend of these flavors just works. I still pick up notes of pretzel and wheat here and there. Strength remains at the medium to full mark, and smoke is plentiful.

The final third is another rare treat and confirms the quality of this cigar after one hour and forty minutes. On the draw, I pick up wood with a spicy sea salt and cinnamon flavor. The nose continues to blast me with floral flavors and toast. The finish remains long with a spicier floral note alongside leather, peanut, and toast. Strength does not change, and performance is strong.

This cigar is absolutely one of the most enjoyable cigars I’ve ever smoked. It has an enormous amount of complexity, and the flavors mold to form a perfect flavor profile. I truly enjoyed it when it when it was originally released, but after smoking it again after a few years of age, I can tell this cigar is continuing to improve with rest in the humidor. I would have smoked it even longer if it hadn’t gotten hot towards the end. These cigars are around the $20 mark, so they are certainly not a bargain stick, but I have to say, they are worth every penny. As far as Cuban cigars go, this cigar has top-notch quality, and it competes with long-standing favorites. Get your hands on them while you still can!

Smoke on!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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  1. charlie says:

    Seems like you had a much better experience with this blend than I did, I’m glad. IMO I never found it to make it over the mild+ mark in strength level…must be all those Liga’s and Padron’s I smoke LOL

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