Cigar Review | Edgar Hoill OSOK Desmadroso

The Edgar Hoill OSOK Desmadroso is an excellent cigar. The binder, wrapper and filler are all Nicaraguan. The packaging is an awesome piece of dark artwork that is definitely a keeper. This really was the thing that caught my eye and allowed me to get over the price being slightly on the high side.

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Almost double the price of Leander’s OSOK Everyday Hustle on the Cigar of the Year, the Desmadroso has unique profile considering its dark and deadly look. “…completely the opposite of what I expected…” explained Mark “…from the head to the foot, impressive Salomon shape and dark wrapper, I thought strong and cocoa, but the surprise was cream and vanilla…” The cigar smokes long and light to medium in strength with full-bodied sweetness of tobacco and hazelnut.

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The Edgar Hoill OSOK Desmadroso goes well and beyond what I expected. The cigar smoked for almost three hours. You might find this a little difficult to do, but I’m a very slow puffer! The Edgar Hoill OSOK Desmadroso is a cigar I would definitely get again even though the price is about $12. It has a very cool look to it, lots of flavor and a cool gangsta look and appeal with a profile that is mellow but complex.

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3 thoughts on “Cigar Review | Edgar Hoill OSOK Desmadroso

  1. Aaron Taubman says:

    I have about 15 of the Travieso left. I really enjoy them. They are small with a shag foot but oh so sweet. The OSOK Travieso is a medium at most but all flavor. Glad you enjoyed it and chose it for your cigar of the year! They are totally overlooked.

  2. iROBUSTO says:

    @aaron_taubman:disqus I had two of these the second one burned perfectly and that’s why it made my list. It was almost #1 or #2 but I had those 4,3,2,1 rated cigars again just to make sure. I’m impressed by the cigar, it was really cool.

  3. Aaron Taubman says:

    It’s essentially the same cigar as the Travieso, just different ratio for the Vitola. All flavor no spice. It’s so true! I normally go for the pepper bombs but sometimes you just want to chill out and enjoy just flavor. Good choice my brother! Well done! For a cigar that gets little to no credit. You gave it justice! Bravo!

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