Cigar Review | Drew Estate Smoking Monk Imperial Stout

Hey, stogie lovers! It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I’ve got an infused cigar to try out. I don’t often smoke infused cigars, but I figured I’d give this one a try as it’s made to be perfectly paired with an Imperial Stout beer. That’s right, on deck is the Drew Estate Smoking Monk Imperial Stout. This cigar is a 6×54 Toro from Nicaragua with a very sweet-smelling, light Maduro wrapper that produces a sweet aroma. Strong vanilla and coffee aromas come out of the foot. I typically only drink water during my cigar reviews so as to only experience the intended flavors of the cigar, but since this is blended to pair with beer, I crack open a big bottle of Yeti Imperial Stout. Yum!

The pre-light draw has almost no flavor with just a slight sweetness. The cap is surprisingly not artificially sweetened. I light the cigar up and there is just a slight tobacco flavor with a hint of coffee and wood. The cigar is very mild with a short finish.

Drew Estate Smoking Monk

The first third closes at 25 minutes. The cigar is unimpressive with bland flavors. The draw only produces a slight coffee and vanilla. When I drink the Yeti and take a puff, I experience a bit of an oak flavor, but I only attribute that to the beer. The cigar is very weak at the mild to medium mark. The finish remains extremely short, and the retro-hale does nothing to contribute to the experience.

The second third is another disappointment. I only pickup a slight sweet vanilla flavor. The nose and finish give me a hint of tobacco. After 50 minutes, I’m looking for more. The burn and smoke output are great, but the flavor is lacking. Strength is still at the mild to medium mark.

Drew Estate Smoking Monk

The final third further lets me down. The slight vanilla sweetness hangs around with a hint of tobacco and wood through the nose and on the ever-so-short finish. There is no complexity to this cigar, and it feels as if I’m wasting my time at the hour and twenty-minute mark. Strength is weak with no changes.

I had high hopes for this cigar, but it did nothing for me. The only good thing about it was the vanilla aroma in the air. If you are looking for a cigar to only please those who can smell it around you, then here you go, but if you’re looking for any exciting flavors whatsoever, this is not the cigar for you. It pairs horribly with an Imperial Stout and lacks any strength or body to really stand out. The experience was entirely uneventful, and I cannot recommend this cigar to anyone. This is just one more strike for infused cigars in my book. It’s a shame to think this comes from the maker of Liga Privada cigars. For what it’s worth, I loved the beer.

Until next time, keep on smokin’!

-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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