Cigar Review | Don Lino Africa Duma

This is a review and pairing of the Don Lino Africa Duma Cigar with Lancaster Kolsh beer and Lays Greektown Gyro chips.

Vitola: Robusto
Name: Don Lino Africa Duma
Length: 5
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Dominican, Cameroon, Mexico & Nicaragua

The Don Lino Africa Duma cigar has a matte finish with a rugged looking slightly toothy wrapper. Upon further inspection, it is firmly rolled and features a colorful band. Once I get it lit up, I sense that it is a medium bodied cigar with a few flavours. The cigar is mostly woody, earthy and moderately flavorful with some hints of perfume. The retrohale offers up some spicy notes, more of the perfume and some earth and coffee.

Don Lino Cigars

This is a good cigar for a friend who doesn’t generally smoke cigars. You know the kind of person that always wants one of your cigars when he or she sees you with one, but never smokes on their own. Rather than feel bad and give them some junk or one of your premium cigars, this one is perfect for this occasion. For that, I’ll give it some more value points.

One of the most interesting things about this cigar is that the wrappers, fillers, and binders are triple-fermented. This is done to eliminate any traces of harshness. All the tobacco is aged and the final product spends at least 5 months in an aging room. This will also eliminate traces of ammonia and increase the chance of enjoying the cigar. For this, I will again give it some props as this process also adds to the value for new cigar smokers or a “one off type” cigar newbie.

LeeMack912 Rating

Price: 3/10
Flavor: 3/10
Complexity: 3/10
Construction: 5/10
Total: 7/10

It’s okay for people to not know everything about cigars. It’s even okay for people to not like your cigars. Don’t worry about what people think, just enjoy whatever you have, you’ll be better for it.

Don Lino Cigars

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