Cigar Review | Daniel Marshall Red Label Corona

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I smoke and review the Daniel Marshall Red Label in the Corona size. This 5.5×44 stick features a 5-year aged Nicaraguan Habano wrapper securing a Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan fillers. This is the first of a number of reviews of the Red Label line as Daniel Marshall was generous enough to provide a few samples in different sizes.

Daniel Marshall Red Label Corona

The wrapper gives off fruity tobacco, earth, and barnyard aromas. More of the same emits from the foot. The cold draw gives me some wood and tobacco. Once lit, the cigar has some noticeable black pepper spice with woody leather on the draw. The finish offers cocoa leather, and the retro-hale gives me black pepper spice, sweet cocoa, and coffee.

After thirty minutes, the first third closes out. On the draw, I find some woody leather with cocoa and spicy espresso. The retro-gale gives me a mix of graham cracker and spicy grass. A very spicy black pepper and leather dominate the finish with a little rich earth. Strength is at the medium mark while the body of the smoke is extremely full.

Daniel Marshall Red Label Corona

Fifty-five minutes in, I finish the second third. The draw has a nice mix of earthy leather and nutty cocoa alongside some black pepper spice. Through the nose, I pick up red pepper with hay and dark coffee. The finish is long with bitter char, black pepper, and leather. There is no change in strength or body.

Daniel Marshall Red Label Corona

The final third ends at one hour and fifteen minutes. On the draw, the leather flavor becomes very nutty, and I also pick up bold cocoa and espresso. The retro-hale offers some vegetal earth with leather and black pepper. A meaty, smoky note makes an appearance on the finish mixed with black licorice and peppery grass. Strength and body finish out the same.

Daniel Marshall Red Label Corona

The Red Label Corona is one heck of a powerhouse. It doesn’t have much strength, but the body of the smoke is about as full as can be. It reminds me of the Man O’ War Puro Authentico with less strength. I really think some age would do this cigar wonders. If you’re looking for a full-bodied stick with a bold flavor profile, this is the one for you. Stay tuned to see how some of the other sizes compare.

Thank you, Daniel Marshall, for providing this cigar for review. I really appreciate it!

Smoke on!
-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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