Cigar Review | Curivari Ciclope 554

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I check out the Curivari Ciclope in the 554 size. This new stick from Curivari comes in at a stout 5 x 54 with a slight box press to it. The wrapper is a gorgeous, dark Mexican San Andres leaf covering binder and filler tobaccos from Nicaragua. The price is very affordable at $7.50 per stick.

Curivari Ciclope

On the cold draw, there is raisin and dry red wine notes. The wrapper puts off a barnyard aroma, while I smell chocolate out of the foot. Once lit, I get tons of smoke with black pepper and dark chocolate. Through the nose, spicy red pepper dominates. The finish hits me with spicy cedar and earth.

Curivari Ciclope

Twenty-five minutes in, the first third comes to a close. I pick up sweet cocoa on the draw with earth and black pepper. Through the nose, red pepper takes over with more cocoa. The finish blasts me with tons of dark cocoa flavor. Strength and body settle in at a steady medium-to-full.

Curivari Ciclope

Fifty minutes go by, and the second third wisps away. There is more cocoa on the draw with a lot of nuttiness and black pepper. On the retro-hale, I pick up more red pepper and cocoa. The finish has even more cocoa with strong espresso notes and a nice buttery element. Strength and body both remain at medium-to-full.

Curivari Ciclope

The final third ends right around one hour and fifteen minutes. On the draw, dark cocoa blends with espresso and cinnamon. I find no change to the flavors on the retro-hale – welcome consistency throughout the entire smoke. Spicy black pepper takes over the finish with underlying notes of cocoa. Strength and body both jump up to the full mark in this third.

Curivari Ciclope

The Curivari Ciclope is a phenomenal cigar. Complexity comes in moderation, but this cigar has such good flavor throughout, it doesn’t need to be more complex. I feel like I almost took Curivari to the cleaners price-wise as it offers a better experience than many sticks two or three times the price. I absolutely love everything it has to offer. Each puff is like a little dessert. I highly recommend trying this one out. It’s a box-worthy smoke!

Smoke on!
-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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