Cigar Review | Cuban Seed Cigar Co. Fire Oak Blend #2

It’s Stog o’Clock, and this time, I check out a cigar from a company you may not be familiar with. The Cuban Seed Cigar Co. Fire Oak Blend #2 is a fat 6×58 cigar featuring a closed foot and beautiful pigtail cap. The construction of this cigar is superb. This blend features a wrapper aged for 15 years that touts aging in fire oak barrels during the third phase of fermentation. There is no other information available online regarding the blend.

Cuban Seed Cigar Co. Fire Oak Blend #2

The very oily wrapper produces a rich, smoky leather aroma with an additional hint of barnyard. The draw is snug due to the closed foot, but I find salty tobacco flavor on the cold draw. Once lit, the draw opens up with a big blast of cocoa alongside black pepper spice, cedar, cinnamon, and leather. Through the nose, there is potent, spicy red pepper with leather. On the finish, I find creamy cocoa with bitter yet buttery metallic earth.

After forty minutes, the first third closes out. The draw presents me with cocoa on top of spicy red pepper and a bomb of smoky oak flavor. Through the nose, I pick up toast with a hint of sweet tobacco and some caramel. The finish offers very earthy leather alongside spicy cinnamon and a bitter walnut note. Both strength and body settle in at the medium-to-full mark.

Cuban Seed Cigar Co. Fire Oak Blend #2

One hour and ten minutes in, the second third ends. On the draw, I find peppery earth with more cocoa flavor and the addition of a coffee note. The retro-hale gives me spicy red pepper mixed with a vegetal hay. On the finish, there is more cinnamon on top of smoky oak and leather. There is no change to the strength or body thus far.

Cuban Seed Cigar Co. Fire Oak Blend #2

The final third closes out at one hour and forty-five minutes. This last third explodes with smoky oak flavor on the draw, through the nose, and on the finish, presumably from the aging of the wrapper in fire oak barrels. On top of that distinct flavor, I pick up earthy grass and cocoa on the draw. Through the nose, there is black pepper and some toast. The finish is bold with spicy cinnamon and espresso. Strength and body finish at the medium-to-full mark.

Cuban Seed Cigar Co. Fire Oak Blend #2

The Fire Oak Blend #2 is a great cigar. Construction is flawless, the flavors blend well, and the voluminous smoke is very smooth and delightful. There is no question this is a quality stick. The only off-putting thing about this cigar to me, personally, is the price. These come in at a steep $23 per single. Coming out of California, I presume this could be due to tobacco taxes given the political climate in the state. Regardless, you certainly pay a premium price for this premium cigar. I do recommend it, but it will undoubtedly lighten your wallet.

I would like to give a special thank you shout-out to Laith of The Cuban Seed Cigar Co. for sending this in for review. Stay tuned for more reviews of other cigars from this company in coming months.

Smoke on!
-Noah (CutLightSmoke)

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