Cigar Review | CAO Amazon Anaconda

CAO Amazon Anaconda

The Amazon Anaconda By CAO

Power: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Brazilian Bahiano Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Colombian, Dominican, Brazilian Braganca, & Fume em Corda

CAO Amazon Anaconda

Look out folks because CAO just busted out a heavy hitter! This stick is taking the cigar world by storm, and I would grab a few boxes if you can. Cigars with this much flavor aren’t released every day. It is no secret that nine times out of ten a cigar is best when it is first released, this is either due to it not gaining enough success and being discontinued or being so popular that the wide distribution and demand for the stick leaves the aging process compromised. I personally believe that this one could take the route of the latter. Purchasing two to three boxes for storage may not be a bad idea for such a popular cigar and with this much flavor I can only hope aging them will intensify the tobacco making this a blue chip stick.

First Third

Before even biting into this thing I can tell it is very masterfully crafted, the wrap is tight and a little toothy, the cut is clean with very little flaking, and the twine of tobacco wrapped around the tip is aesthetically pleasing. I am not a huge fan of gimmicks, but the twine is easy to remove and leaves no damage to the cigar – no harm, no foul.

The cold pull sports the very robust flavors already. I found myself very hesitant to light the cigar as I was content savoring the flavors without fire. There is a sweetness smothered by very woody flavors coming through initially.

CAO Amazon Anaconda

Once lit, you can tell that was only the beginning. Those sweet woody notes were only the gates of Disney World, but once lit, you’re led right into the heart of Magic Kingdom. The smell from the light itself was enough for three people in the room to ask me what I was smoking. The smoke itself produces a sweet mahogany scent that has Smokey the bear questioning his morals.

With a retro-hale, you’re given every answer to this magnificent cigar. The notes of sweet cedar and mahogany pair excellently with the earthy leather finish. The whole flavor being floated down a waterfall of cocoa gives you a very smooth and satisfying smoke. All of the sudden, I’m no longer in control of this experience. I’ve decided to sit back and let the anaconda take the reins.

Second Third

We’ve made it this far and boy oh boy am I glad we did. This is one of those cigars you hate to see burn away. The mouthwatering flavors are still present in their full form. With the strength and consistency of the flavor profile, it is easy to lose the more subtle hints of cocoa found within the smoke itself, but this is where the genius of the cigar baffles me. With every time I move the cigar from my lips, a profound after taste of cocoa is left on my lips as if the flavors themselves are choreographing a ballet amongst my pallet to compliment every act.

CAO Amazon Anaconda

By this time, three other people in the room have begun the journey of the anaconda leaving the entire room with a sweet forest fire of aroma. The true strength of this cigar is starting to peer through, but I can tell the true power won’t be felt until the final third.

Final Third

The consistency of this cigar is impressive. There are very few alterations to the smoothness, taste, or burn. All of the complexity this cigar has to offer is handed to you in the initial light. This thing has nothing to hide but doesn’t lack in its complexity. The only change I can feel is the heaviness of the smoke but I can only attribute that to the strength of the cigar arriving at the final third as I assumed it would.

CAO Amazon Anaconda

All together, I’m sad to see this beautiful beast die. As I arrive at the last inch of this full flavored form of ferocity, I am left with the post cigar blues. I have ventured through the hour long trip to paradise and have found myself on the descent of the stairway to heaven. I look in envy to those who have yet to feel the despair of the trip home, but the good news is, it’s cheaper than a trip to Disney World.

Overall Thoughts

A very sweet full flavored cigar to be enjoyed by veterans everywhere. First timers may be enticed by the smell but will doubtfully be able to handle the strength. This is a great choice for anyone who enjoys power without pepper. A once a day cigar with flavors that linger long enough to effect the next stick. With all its consistent complexity, it does sort of have a short replay value so I’d suggest saving this stick for special occasions which makes it great for stocking a humidor. All in all, a great smoke that I would suggest to anyone who could handle it.

Jeff’s Suggestions

Time of Day: With its lingering after taste, I’d suggest this cigar as an early evening smoke.

Pairing: This pairs masterfully with a chocolate peanut butter porter, my go to being Sweet Baby Jesus by DuClaw brewing co.

A cigar to share: I honestly wouldn’t share this one all that much as no one is sure if the integrity is going to last. This is a stick you store for the end times and pray to God that it plumes.


-Jeff Spaghetti

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