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Cigar Review | Camacho Ecuador Churchill

It’s Stog o’Clock again with CutLightSmoke! This time around, I take a look at the Camacho Ecuador in the Churchill size. This cigar is 7 inches long with a 48 ring gauge. It has an oily Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with a Brazilian binder and Honduran and Dominican fillers. The cigar appears to be rolled well. I have high hopes for the cigar as I have enjoyed many different Camacho blends and am eager to try some of their new stuff produced under their recent rebranding. This cigar is said to be bold following the brand’s new direction. Game on, I say!

The pre-light draw gives notes of sweet tobacco and a slight fruit. The wrapper has a bold oak smell to it, and the foot gives off a strong berry aroma. The first light blasts my palate with spice, leather, and more bold woody notes. The finish and retro-hale annihilate me with an abundance of spice and black pepper.

The first third burns slow. Spice and leather are the predominant flavors on the tongue, finish, and through the nose. I pick up a bit of a metallic, earthy flavor on top of a floral note. The burn is sufficient, and smoke output is full-bodied and plentiful. The strength is on the high end of full, and I begin to feel it in my head and stomach. So far, the Ecuador is a halfway decent smoke.


The second third begins the spiral downward for this cigar. The spice is still very present throughout, and I experience a char flavor on top of the metallic earth. The burn stays sharp, but the cigar absolutely struggles to stay lit. Being that my humidor is maintained at a steady 65%, I attribute this to construction rather than over-humidification, the typical culprit that causes this hardship. The strength and body are still at the full mark. The flavors are simply too harsh to be truly enjoyable.

The final third is a further disappointment. The cigar continues struggling to stay lit, and the flavors are unpleasant. I discover a slight sweet raisin note on the draw, but the overwhelming, bitter spice quickly douses this out after each puff. Through the nose, I pick up more bitter spice. More of the same is found on the very long finish. There is an almost-nauseating acidity that ruins otherwise-enjoyable leather notes. It’s just not doing it for me. The cigar won’t stay lit unless I puff every fifteen seconds at this point, so I throw in the towel after around an hour and forty minutes.

This cigar really let me down. It seems to either be very poorly blended or in need of some serious age in the humidor. I thoroughly enjoy strong, bold, spicy cigars, but this kind of spice and bitterness was off-putting. I always give a cigar a second chance, but at the time of this review and the state of the Camacho Ecuador without age, I cannot recommend it, especially when there are plenty of other phenomenal cigars on the market for the same price or cheaper. There has to be more to a cigar than just cool packaging and modern labels to make it worthwhile. Strike one, Camacho.

Always smoking,

Noah – CutLightSmoke

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