Cigar Review | C.L.E. Azabache

Now that it appears that the boutique cigar ship is sinking, I must do exactly what the musicians on the Titanic did…….keep on keepin’ on. IMHO we are in the sunset of one of the greatest cigar smoking periods in history. So much variety, price variation and exploration has occurred in the last 8 years. Until the FDA cuts the lights off and tells me to shut the door….I will keep on smoking.


Today we will be enjoying another Tobacconist Association of American (TAA) selection. Created by Christian Eiroa and his CLE Company, todays sample is called Azabache which means jet (may be more correctly translated as jet black. The sample I smoked is 60 x 6 with a slight box press. It is a larger ring gauge cigar. However the box press helps it to fit more easily in my mouth. It also feels very substantial in your hand. The wrapper is a dark brown with a rugged appearance. As you look at the foot, you can clearly see the ligero that is swirled amongst the filler tobacco. The wrapper is a Mexican, the binder is Honduran and the filler is a mix of Honduran, Peruvian and Nicaraguan tobaccos.

The draws yields a cornucopia of flavors; gingerbread, pipe tobacco and dried fruit. The draw is not too tight, not too loose. Three Hundred Twenty boxes of each size of this cigar are available at a limited number of TAA tobacconists. The three sizes are 5 x 50, 6 x 54 and 6 x 60.


Upon first light I was greeted with a bang from the ligero. She was not overbearing, but raised her voice just enough to let me know that she was in the room. In addition there is a sweet gingerbread and a sprinkling of red pepper spice. This is not a very strong cigar (it is a solid medium) to start. It has a variety of complex flavors, is very smooth and has a peppery finish that hangs around for a little while.

As I make my way through the 1st half of this cigar, I have confirmed that this is a box of cigars that needs permanent residence in my humidor. It continues to hang around the medium body mark and keeps throwing a decent set of flavors at me. Coffee, marshmallow and red pepper dance on my tongue as cleanse my palate with a double black IPA from Beer Army Combat Brewery. This cigar is a win family. Pick up some today! Don’t say I didn’t tell you to get this one.


This $9 cigar lasted close to 2 hours. As I get near the end both the strength and the pepper in crease. As I gather my wits and rate this cigar, I grab my cigar nubber which I will using in just a few minutes.

Price: 4.5/5
Construction: 5/5
Flavor: 4.5/5
Overall Experience: 5/5
Total: 4.8/5

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