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Cigar Review | Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story

In today’s review I’ll be smoking a cigar from the Arturo Fuente line. This cigar has a golden and red wrapper that surrounds a beautiful dark maduro cigar that is glistening with oil. The Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story comes in a figurado size at 4 X 48 and the ring gauge varies from 40 to 49 due to perfecto shape.

The pre-light aromas are that of grass and sweet tobacco. Holding it in my hand while clipping the cigar, I noticed that it was very firmly packed. This was probably because of its size and unique shape. The prelight draw yielded a similar profile to the aroma I smelled at the beginning, that being sweet tobacco.

The foot of the cigar has a smaller end which increases to the largest diameter of the cigar. I was told by one cigar manufacturer that when lighting a figurado, you should light not only the small tip, but the larger area behind it. Unfortunately, I didn’t know to do this at the time of this review. It takes just a few draws to start to detect the flavors and taste coming together. Right away, even though the foot is small, there’s a decent amount of smoke coming from the cigar.

The Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story has Dominican filler and binder and a Cameroon wrapper. The smoke had a sweetness that was rather strong and a nice smell off the Cameroon wrapper. I felt like the smoke was cool and it had sort of a minty flavor. Just like the feeling after you brush your teeth. Trust me, I detected it. Don’t believe me? Check out the section of the video where I explain it a little better

A Bit of Pairing Goes a Long Way

I decided to pair up the Short Story with Myers’s Dark Rum. When it’s cold out I like to go with the darker alcohol as it warms up the body and even expounds the mind. Let alone it also goes well with a sweet cigar like this one.

I’m surprised that after 15 minutes only a half inch burned and tobacco tastes picked up while a soft cocoa developed. There was absolutely no pepper whatsoever. The smoke output hasn’t been huge. This was a small cigar that packed good flavor and in my opinion a medium amount of smoke.

In reviewing the draw, all along it has been slightly snug but that doesn’t hinder the smoking experience this is probably because the cigar tobacco is so tightly packed.

Hemingway Adds Some Twang

About 30 minutes in, just about an inch burned. This cigar has a slight bite, what I like to call a “Dominican Twang”. As I move through the story of this cigar it remains in the similar profile that I previously described. At about 45 minutes I notice that the cigar is starting to heat up slightly but that still doesn’t affect the flavors. Overall this cigar lasted about an hour which is great for the price and a 4 inch smoke.

Arturo Fuente makes a lot of good cigars and I’ll be putting this one on my recommended must smoke list. You can easily find this cigar with a quick search of your brick & mortar as well as online cigar retailers.

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