Cigar Review | Amos Triple Wrap by Puros de Santiago

The Amos Triple Wrap by Puros de Santiago is a Dominican Puro that sells for $7.00 in the Toro size.

Medium firm roll with slight give at the foot. The craftsmanship is better than average with the barber pole striping of the three wrappers. Some cigar makers will wrap a single leaf over the existing wrapper to create the barber pole effect. These three wrappers were rolled together which gives the cigar a unique look. The aroma had a green sweet quality which reminds one of dried leaves. This is probably due to the presence of the candela wrapper.

Wrappers: Connecticut, Candela, Corojo
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican

Amos Triple Wrap

The cold draw ha a tobacco with slight chili pepper taste. The cap has an added treat of a peppery flavor that I cannot quite identify.

First puffs – chili/black pepper, spicy retrohale. medium body with a short finish

Amos Triple Wrap

Coffee, chocolate & muted tingly pepper at this moment the wrapper is a little Connecticut & candela with the majority corojo.

As the ratio of each wrapper continues to change as the cigar progress, it develops and ever-changing complexity. The pepper fleets in and out and changes in strength.

Amos Triple Wrap

The burn line is continually un-even. This definitely has to do with the different burning characteristics of three wrapper tobaccos. I had to do a few touch ups but that did not take away from the smoking experience.

The strength of the cigar does a slight continual increase in strength as it progresses. By the time I go to the end I would say that it was full strength.

The spice on the retrohale smooths out as the as I move into the 2nd inch.

This cigar is aged well and rolled with a complex set of flavors and a decent amount of strength. An excellent value that should at least be tried by all experienced cigar smokers.

Price: 4/10
Flavor: 3/10
Complexity: 4/10
Construction: 5/10
Total: 8/10

Amos Triple Wrap

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